Sacred Animals

Sacred Animals

Most of the time, people have animals in their home that they are loyal to and that have become a member of their family. We interact with these animals and we treat them with love and cherish them.

In ancient times, people did not treat their animals the way that we do now. They treated them like gods and thy would use them for religious purposes. The culture of how we treat animals has changed over time.


In ancient Greece, animals were considered gods. They were worshipped and would be sacrificed for the people. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was symbolized by a dove and the god Apollo by a swan. Even Zeus was sometimes shown as an eagle. These were considered holy gods in the culture.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was said to be full of grace and beauty and Zeus was considered to be powerful like an eagle. Both were loved by the ancient Greeks.


Animals in Ancient Rome were seen on pottery, coins and even buildings. The wolf was one of the most seen animals. Romulus and Remus were twin brothers that were raised by a she-wolf. The she-wolf nourished Romulus on his journey.

The she-wolf is seen as a success and a savior from death. The wolf could be found all over Rome.


The ancient Egyptians loved animals and felt that gods were seen as animals or would return as animals. They would worship the animal and if the animals were harmed, it could be punished by death.

Some of the common animals that were worshiped were the falcon, cats and more.

Animal Worship Now

Animals were considered sacred in the past but today in the world, we can still find places that worship animals as religious practices. Some of the places include India where they have special laws that protect animals such as cattle. This is part of the Hinduism religion.

The dog is also viewed as a sacred animal and they are part of the Tihar festival. Even if you do not view your own cat or dog as a god or as a door to heaven, there are some places in the world where animals are still considered to be sacred.

Next time you decide to spend time with your pet, imagine how much other people around the world see the sacredness of this animal. Take a moment to realize and respect how majestic your pet is and how these things have happened over thousands of years of time.