What is an Empath


An empath is someone that is sensitive to the world around them. They are able to feel and know the energies of both people and places. They feel the places around them, and they pick up the emotions and the energies of those people and places.

People are becoming more and more centered and they are beginning to show that they are overwhelmed by what is going on in their life. This can happen because when there is a lot of energy, people can become overwhelmed and not know how to handle it. Empaths are people that aren’t just healers, but they can be parents, children, teachers, or a variety of many professions.

Empaths often do not realize that they have this gifting, and they are always absorbing the energies of things around them. This can cause them to question their mentality and their emotions and to even sometimes develop bad habits.

If an empath is always absorbing the energy around them, how can they survive? People that are very sensitive to energies around them have to learn to set boundaries and to know how to thrive in their world.

Signs of An Empath

There are signs that someone is an empath and even you might be one:

  • Feelings of uneasiness. You might walk into a room and not feel good or even get sick.
  • You have a terrible digestive system, and you are always having stomach problems.
  • You have mood swings when you go different places, and you aren’t sure why.
  • You are confused about what you are feeling, and you never know when your emotions are going to shift or change.
  • People come to you with their problems because they know that you will listen to them.
  • You get nervous or overwhelmed when you are in large crowds or groups of people.
  • Sometimes you feel sad and depressed and you don’t know why.
  • You are tired all the time and feel like you never have enough energy. You are healthy but lacking energy.
  • You have a hard time getting stuff done and if you have a project, it takes you a long time to complete it.
  • You find that everything brings on strong emotions for you. You might go from angry to happy in seconds.
  • You have things going through your mind constantly and you are barely able to finish a thought.
  • Your immune system is low, and you are always getting sick or catching colds.
  • You have very little patience.
  • You feel stuck.
  • You are defensive about everything that happens.

If you have these things happening to you, chances are that you are an empath. You might be someone that goes into an environment and you have sudden changes. This can leave you feeling in pain or with strong emotions.

The great news is, being an empath is a strong gift and you can use it as your greatest good in your life.

Why is Being an Empath a Blessing?

Here are some reasons why being an empath is a real blessing:

  • You can read people right away.
  • You have deeper emotions, but this can be a blessing.
  • You know what a person is really about.
  • You get psychic information.
  • You can use psychometry to read an object.
  • You are caring and loving.
  • You are able to communicate without talking.
  • You have a strong healing gift.
  • You are sensitive and you have strong emotions.
  • You can reach out to people when they are needy.
  • You want people to heal.
  • You know when something great is going to happen.

Managing Your Empath Gift

Here are some ways that you can stay strong even if you are an empath:

  • Wear crystals such as Tiger’s Eye to shield you from negativity.
  • Take salt baths to get rid of any negativity that is holding on.
  • Cover your solar plexus with a book or your hands.
  • Sage your spaces anytime you feel negative.
  • Pick up the objects that you want to know things about and leave other objects alone.
  • Hold your phone with your right ear.
  • Set strong boundaries in your relationships.
  • Activate your spiritual communication and talk to your spirit guides.
  • Always recharge.
  • Use Reiki.
  • Know when you are at your limit and you need to step away.
  • Keep your aura strong.
  • Shield your life by calling on light to protect you like a shield.
  • Put mirrors around the room to deflect negative energies.
  • Always pay attention to what you are feeling.
  • Wear yellow so that you can have joy.
  • Listen to music that is positive and calming.
  • Do breathwork.
  • Go out in nature and be in the sun or walk barefoot.
  • Use aromatherapy.
  • Let your solar plexus be strong.
  • Use copper to reenergize yourself.

Other Reasons Why Being an Empath Can Help You

Here are some more reasons why being an empath can help you:

  • To find things that are lost.
  • To know if someone is honest.
  • To show care and love to others.
  • To help you read people.
  • To have strong emotions of happiness.
  • To help others in need.
  • To know when something good is going to happen for you.