Picking the Right Set of Runes


Do you want to start using different kinds of tools of divination? If so, runes are a fun type to try. Runes can be made from different materials such as bones, wood, crystals and more. Many people are familiar with the Elder Futhark runes and thee can be found at metaphysical shops around the world or even online.

When you use runes, you need to tune into your intuition. This can help you to be able to understand them more and to trust them to guide you.

Should You Make or Buy Your Rune Set?

You can decide either of these things that you want to do, and neither is wrong. Some people will decide to buy runes because it is easier but rather you make them or buy them, you need to find a set that you feel connected to.

Choosing a Rune Set

Picking out a rune set that connects to you is the most important part of choosing a rune set. There are things that you should look for such as making sure that you are picking out runes that are made out of materials that are ethical. The rune sets like the Elder Futhark set has 24 or 25 runes. Some will add a rune that is blank in the set.

Find materials that are going to last. Wood, for example, is strong but it can break easily.

Here are some of the best materials to use:

  • Bone

Bones are often used in making runes because they are strong, but you need to make sure that you aren’t using bones that have been taken unethically but there is nothing wrong with using bones.

Bones are usually shaped about the same size and so they are easy to carve in. Sometimes when runes are made out of bones, they are easy to work with because they are shaped like a rectangle.

  • Wood

Wood is another material that runes are made out of. Wood is something that has been used more in the past because they are easy to shape, and you can burn the letters into the runes. These are normally shaped in a circle or in a rectangle and are normally flat.

Runes that are made out of wood can come in different shapes and stains. You don’t have to worry about getting wood, which is ethical like you have to worry about bones.

  • Crystal

One popular type of runes is crystal runes. You can use almost any kind of crystal, but some will work better than others. You have to be careful that you make a crystal choice based on a crystal that is calling out to you.

Crystal runes should be made out of crystals that are hard enough to throw so that they don’t break when you are casting them. When you choose crystal runes the runes are painted or carved in them and sometimes the crystals are tumbled and don’t always lay flat.

Final Thought

Listen to your intuition when you are choosing what kind of rune set that you want. Runes can be found online, or you can even make your own!