Thursday , August 16 2018
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About Us

The world is full of mystical beliefs, some of which have been passed down in different forms for hundreds of years. Symbols are one way to track some of these beliefs; symbols are designed to be easy ways of remembering a person, idea, or thing. Over time, some symbols have gained superstitious or mystical powers, designed for religious, divination, or healing purposes.

Rune stones are special stones that have symbols carved into them. These symbols were based on the Armanen alphabet and used as an early form of communication. Over time, the stones became associated with Norse gods, divine powers, and other spiritual beliefs of the time.

To this day, rune stones are used to connect to psychic energies and divine answers to life questions. People can cast their own rune stones to receive a message or insight or can enlist the help of a rune master to read the stones.

My name is Danielle Evans, and I became interested in the power of rune stones many years ago. I had gone to a few different psychics but hadn’t really found my niche- many of the readings were confusing, and I wasn’t sure I was in the right place. After visiting a rune master, I began to see how unique this practice was and I was incredibly intrigued.

To me, rune stones also have a healing property that I find fascinating. Each rune is associated with a god or goddess or a power, which can be translated into preventing harm, discovering the root cause of a physical illness or ailment, or healing a sickness. These energetic symbols are used for specific healing purposes, and can also be used in combination with Reiki healing techniques.

So much of our physical health is tied up into our mental and emotional states. When we have internal conflict, stress, or anxiety, it can manifest as physical pain. We don’t often take into consideration the root cause of our pain; we try to deal with the symptoms, and that’s often the end of the story. For me, rune stones allowed me to see past the symptoms and get into the foundations of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self to promote healing and wholeness from within.

I created this website to give more people information about the ways in which psychic energy can be used to heal our bodies. If you are curious about rune healing, keep reading! We have lots of information about finding your own rune healer, too.

-Danielle Evans