What are Runes and How to Use Them?


People that are into psychic readings might be interested in runes. Rune stones are from the ancient times, and they were used by the Nordic and Germanic tribes in Europe. This is an alphabet that was used for writing, but it was also used to tell the future. The runes are referred to the oldest German alphabet or the Elder Futhark. There are 24 runes and symbols, and they date back to the 1600’s or earlier. There have been different changes to the runes as time has gone on, but people feel that the runes have powers.

The runes have been engraved as far back as 200 AD and they were put on pottery and weapons. Some see these on stones that are smooth and that is how most people see them today.

Why Use Runes?

Runes are used today in the psychic world it give people direction when they don’t know what to do. The runes are meant to take energy from nature and give information about the future. This is a prophetic ritual just like the tarot cards and other tools of divination. This doesn’t give definite answers but will give you insight about things when you ask questions. You always have to figure things out beyond your questions.

Runes are used to give you information and they can often be overlooked. There are hints that the runes will give you, but you have to use freewill to make things really happen.

How Runes Work

There is no real answer as to how the runes work but people believe that the runes will align with your spirit and will give you answers to questions that you don’t know.

When someone casts the rune stones, they are able to take their mind and ask questions and then the answer will become clear.


Here are some of the runes and what they mean:

  • Uruz: This is an external being and can mean victory in something that is going on in your life.
  • Thurisaz: This rune can mean that you will have problems that come in your life, but you need to be the better person.
  • Ansuz: This rune can mean that you will have positive things coming in your life and you will have good luck.
  • Raidho: This is a rune that will help you find your goals and you need to pay attention to the opportunities that come.
  • Kenaz: This is a rune that will help you have more knowledge and be aware of what is going on in your life.
  • Gebo: This brings harmony and peace in your life and will be based on how you treat others.
  • Wunjo: This rune means to stay grounded when times are hard.
  • Hagalaz: This stone is a harmful stone but can also mean that you will learn new things.
  • Naudihiz: This rune will show you what you need and what you want.
  • Isaz: This means frozen and not able to move forward in a situation.
  • Jera: This indicates that you are not certain in life.
  • Eihwaz: This is a manifesting rune and encourages you to manifest things that are good for you.
  • Perthro: This means good luck and can be positive and negative.
  • Algiz: This stone can mean you need to make good changes in your life and stay in control.
  • Sowilo: This is a rune that means that you need to think deeper and have more clarity.
  • Tiwaz: This means that you will overcome something in a time of disagreements.
  • Berkana: This means birch and means that you will have new friends and partners.
  • Ehwaz: This means the order and that change is coming to bring you peace.
  • Mannaz: This rune reminds you to put yourself in others shoes and say positive things.
  • Laguz: This is a fixed situation, and you need to learn a lesson.
  • Inguz: This is a deep stone and will keep you safe.
  • Dagaz: This stone is like the yin and yang and represents balance.
  • Odal: This is an abundance stone.
  • Odin: This is the blank stone and means a void and that there is no end.


These symbols on the runes are thousands of years old and they are still meaningful today. They often work with modern society to show you knowledge and to give you deeper power in your life.