Banishing Energy Vampires with Magic

Banishing Energy Vampires with Magic

At some point in all our lives we have been drained energetically after being in a certain situation or with certain people. This can lead to headaches, anxiety, exhaustion, and just a general feeling of being taxed. Thankfully, there is a specific term for people who continually cause us to feel this way, energy vampires. These are not the mythical fanged creatures, but do suck the positive energy out of us or a room. When we are pushed to the limits emotionally and mentally by others, our bodies end up depleted and our auric fields are consumed with outside energy. While we may overlook it at first, our intuition, magic, and work can suffer from these energy vampires. They will constantly bring us down with their toxic drama.

The first step in warding off energy vampires is to identify them. Energy vampires can be anyone who is draining, even those closest to you. A common habit for energy vampires is that they dump emotional baggage on you, talk nonstop, and glorify their lives, but never ask about yours. You will likely know an energy vampire if you trust your intuition. Once you have identified the vampires in your life it is time for some psychic protection. Psychic protection is important for all, especially those who practice magic or mediumship in any form. It is a form of self-care to defend against negative energy. The more you are able to connect with yourself, the better able you are to identify those harming your energy. Remember, the mind and body are connected so we protect ourselves by using the mind and energy field to visualize a wall of protection. When we are able to change our mind, we can change how we feel about ourselves as well. Being aware of your energy allows you to find triggers and who steals or replenishes energy in your life. We create our own shield by evoking personal magic. We can also cleanse our energy a couple times weekly through meditation as a way to reduce psychic attacks. However, if you are not in touch with your magical side, we have included a few tips below to protect yourself.


The body and mind are like sponges for energy and the energy of others can attach to our auras. This can make us feel bad and in order to raise our vibrational level to normal, we need to cleanse our personal energy. Crystals are one way to do this. One wonderful crystal for removing bad vibes is selenite. The selenite crystal can be used like a wand to pull the energy down and alleviate bad energy. The only caution is to not use it in water or liquid as it is delicate and will degrade. It will leave you refreshed and revived.

You may also want to carry a healing crystal. Choose one that resonates with your soul and spirit. Rose quartz is great for heart protection and amethyst heals the mind. Both can be charged in water. If you need to set boundaries with an energy vampire, try stones like brown jasper or onyx as part of protective charms.


Relaxing in a bath can also be cleansing. Fill a bath with warm water and a bit of pink Himalayan salt, or other type of salt, to rid yourself of auric toxins. Take time to cleanse your own chakra with the salt as well, starting with the crown. The crown chakra is a connection to the spiritual world so we need to make sure it remains open and connected. If salt is not your thing, try Florida water, roses or lavender to relax the mind and body as you cleanse yourself. Other herbs like rosemary, basil, or sage can also attract positive energy as you are cleansed. Before taking this cleansing bath, shower to make sure the body is clean. Try this at least once a week.


Good for physical and spiritual health, make sure you stay hydrated. This is a magical self-care ritual that can help keep energy vampires at bay. Fill a bottle of water and set an intention over it or even write a specific word on the bottle. As you drink the water, focus on that intention as you enjoy your drinkable spell. Feel it going down the throat and through the body, fulfilling the intention.

Cut the Drama

This is more practical than magical, but try to avoid those who always bring the drama in your life. Sometimes we have to walk away from people. This is especially true if the person is emotionally manipulative, lies, is jealous, selfish, or always in competition. Someone with a constantly dramatic energy can affect our vibe and lead to long-term suffering. To help cut ties, wear protective charms or clothing or try burning cord cutting candles.

Visualize and Meditate

Each day, take a moment to center yourself and visualize a white light shining on you. Surround yourself in a bubble that does not allow negativity in and any that is near being transmuted by the light. As you do this, claim ownership of the energy field and say out loud that no one has permission to remain in your mind, body, or energy field other than yourself. Command it as so. Visualization and meditation are great ways to build a stronger relationship with the self that will stay with you forever.

Through general self-care and getting rid of energy vampires through psychic protection, you can elevate your personal magic. Once you have taken the steps to remove energy vampires, make sure you keep watch for more so you are not overwhelmed again.