Protecting Yourself Psychically

Protecting Yourself Psychically

You are capable of containing your energy by setting your chakra and auric boundaries so that you can exist with individuated awareness. This is a form of psychic protection. Psychic protection involves shields or mirrors that are able to deflect energy back to where it came. Other methods make use of white light or other color frequencies to protect and purify. Others, still, rely on angels and guides to intervene and offer protections against attack. While many swear by these approaches, there are others. Consider the premise of energy and the earth as you read on about a powerful practice.

You and the Enemy

There is a dualistic nature to the planet. There is light and dark, stillness and movement to show those dualities. If you feel the need for psychic protection then there is an enemy that is victimizing you. While you may not be seeking out perpetrators, creating psychic protection is inadvertently inviting attacks to you. This is the nature of duality.

For a psychic attack to occur, you have to have an energetic door open that allows for this attack. Those with effective energy boundaries have no need for psychic protection. This is not because they have a life without challenges, but that they avoid psychic attack and protection in a round robin style. When your energy is contained, you do not need protection because your energy is unavailable for psychic attack. This breaks the duality.

Energy containment include appropriate chakra setting that allows us to invite individuation and autonomy through the 2nd and 5th chakras. The second chakra is located two fingers below your navel and serves as the seat of emotions. When it is excessively opened the victim of a psychic attack may experience rage, anger, hostility, and even hatred. The emotions may incite fear, terror, and vulnerability which creates a need for psychic protection. The fifth chakra is located at the notch of the neck and is the seat of authentic self-expression, power, and authority. When this chakra is too closed, a sense of weakness and helplessness can be felt.

Setting a Chakra

Setting a chakra is much like using a vegetable steamer in which you open it to cook your vegetables and then closed it once you were finished to put it away. To set your chakras, try the following:

  • Bring awareness to the second chakra and set the opening to about 25% to close it enough to avoid attack.
  • Bring awareness to the fifth chakra and set the petals to 50-60% to open it enough to avoid psychic attacks.

The aura is defined as the energetic field that surrounds your body and self. The aura feeds the chakras so you can live life. The aura has distinct layers, seven in fact, that deliver energy to each chakra. Each layer needs a boundary to contain the layer and earmark energy as your own, almost creating a filter. Without these boundaries, your energy merges with everyone with which you have contact, often without awareness. To create auric boundaries, imagine and then invite boundaries of mesh to surround each of your layers. Take a deep breath and notice your energetic containment. Containing your energy by setting these types of boundaries will allow you to live in individuated awareness.


  1. The notion that psychic protection could inadvertently invite attacks is a novel perspective on the duality of energy. It seems to suggest that the act of protection itself creates a vulnerability.

    • That is an interesting thought. It makes me wonder if focusing on energy containment could be a more effective strategy for maintaining psychic health.

  2. I’m curious about the mechanism by which an open second chakra could lead to emotions like rage and fear. It would be helpful to see some empirical studies supporting these claims.

  3. Setting chakras to specific percentages to manage psychic health is a detailed approach. It would be insightful to understand how this practice aligns with traditional or modern psychological methods.

    • Indeed, the analogy of a vegetable steamer to describe chakra setting is quite vivid. Practical demonstrations or workshops could clarify these techniques further.

    • While the method is detailed, it would be beneficial to have scientific validation for such practices. Anecdotal evidence alone may not suffice for widespread acceptance.

  4. The article’s explanation of auric boundaries as layered and distinct is well presented. It offers a comprehensive understanding of how energy containment can enhance individuated awareness.

  5. The dualistic nature of light and darkness as it pertains to psychic protection raises broader philosophical questions about balance and conflict. How does one reconcile these dualities effectively?

    • Reconciling these dualities might involve a deeper exploration of personal and collective consciousness, potentially aligning with both spiritual and psychological schools of thought.

  6. The concept of energy containment and chakra setting is intriguing, particularly how it proposes to break the cycle of psychic attacks by maintaining closed energetic boundaries.


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