The Relationship between 666 and the Law of Attraction


The public has been taught that 666 is an “evil” number.  Sadly, this a misconception and take away from the power of this number.  It is NOT associated with the devil or a harbinger of doom coming into your life.  We are going to debunk these myths and help to shine light on the true significant of this number.

Importance of 666

The number 6 reflects harmony, love, balance and practicality.  Astrologically speaking, 6 is tied to Virgo the grounded Earth sign that is govern by the planet Venus.  If you trying to manifest anything in your life, seeing the number 666 is quite powerful.  It reflects you receiving a cosmic nudge in the right direction.  Perhaps your life has recently been out of balance or you are about to enter a period of instability if fail to take decisive action.  Remember, not everyone is blessed to see angel numbers which can be important to make significant life improvements.

Keep the faith

You may nervous about the many way your life could experience imbalance or disharmony.  Focus on one aspect of your life you wish to fine tune.  Maybe you have been so focused on building a family that you have begun to neglect your self-care routine.  If you have spent too much time focusing on other, it is natural that you may have started to neglect your own needs.  When you identify a problem, you can then begin to identify solutions that may raise our vibrations, thus increase our feelings of internal peace.

You are a mirror of your own energetic frequency.  If your life is imbalanced, you are more prone to conflicting or even negative vibrations that will color your experiences with people and experiences.  By creating personal harmony, you can begin to increase your vibrational patterns, resulting in boosts in abundance, fulfilments and grounding.

Ways to increase balance in your life

First identify the areas in your life that are disjointed.  Next, allow yourself to allow any manifestation of improvement to happen.  Make an intentional commitment to begin or increase your meditation practice.  Ask your Higher Self, angels or guides why you have been seeing the number 666 so frequently.  Let yourself be guided to the answer and any insights that pop up along the way.  Write down your experience in a journal or a notebook to reflect on these messages at later dates as you need greater understanding of these vital lessons.