Five Simple Energy Protection Tools and Techniques for Empaths

Protection Tools and Techniques for Empaths

Empaths have the extrasensory ability to perceive other people’s emotional, mental, and occasionally even physical states. Many people don’t realize that they have the gift of empathy, which makes them vulnerable to the strong push and pull of other people’s emotions and states.

Empaths commonly experience anxiety, depression, and low levels of self-worth because they can’t maintain centering, grounding, and separated from other people’s energy. These incursions can be prevented and removed with simple techniques and tools

Empath Energy Protection

Empaths make great friends, teachers, guides, and healers thanks to their innate ability to perceive, experience, and comprehend what other people are feeling and going through. But without the appropriate safeguards in place, empaths can easily become overwhelmed by negative people such as narcissists, large crowds, their natural inclination to say “yes,” and their instinct to try to rescue others. This limits an empath’s capacity to heal, assist, and show others the way.

Empaths often want to save friends and loved ones who don’t think they need to be saved. They naturally absorb the imbalances, anxiety, and depression of others and think they must bear those burdens. This drags empaths down.

It’s normal to experience fatigue, frustration, anxiety, and uncertainty thanks to the stressors and obligations of daily life. But these are far worse for empaths. If you’re an empath, the following five tools are game-changers when it comes to protecting yourself and preserving your energy.

  1. Crystals

Crystals help calm the mind and remove toxic negative energies. You can wear a crystal bracelet or necklace, carry a crystal in your pocket, or set crystal towers in your living and work spaces. These three crystals have properties that are especially helpful to empaths.

  • Black tourmaline is a healing gemstone and has a very calming effect on empaths. It offers empaths potent protection from negative energy, radiation, electromagnetic fields, and psychic attack. Black tourmaline is often used to promote physical healing by clearing out undesirable or trapped energy.
  • Orgonite repels negative energies and psychic attacks and blocks harmful electromagnetic fields and radiation. It’s made up of crystals and metal shavings encased in resin. Orgonite and black tourmaline together create powerful energy shields.
  • Selenite has a reputation among crystals as the Energizer battery of minerals! It never needs to be charged or cleared, but it can charge and clear other crystals. Selenite physically shields and protects against negative energy, so it makes an effective protection tool for empaths. Selenite balances emotional and mental states, casts a strong protective aura, and brings good luck.
  1. Rose Visualization

Roses hold a beautiful neutral vibration and have their own stems to siphon off negative energy, which makes them effective aura protectors. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that roses have been used by psychics, mediums, and spiritual gurus for centuries.

You don’t need physical roses to benefit from their powers. Just visualize a rose between you and who or what you want to protect yourself against. The rose will create a psychic boundary between you and the threat. You will be safe behind the rose, and the threat will remain separate from you.

  1. Grounding Cords

You may be familiar with the practice of grounding to release what no longer serves you into the earth to be recycled and healed. Grounding cords are powerful tools that have been used for centuries.

It may help if you’re outdoors when you use this technique, but it’s not necessary. To begin, take deep breaths as you visualize a line of energy forming between the tip of your tailbone and the center of the Earth. The line can be any shape or color—for example, a sturdy rope, a shaft of light, or tree roots. Once the line is set, make sure it’s straight. This line is the grounding cord that will discharge your negative or unfavorable thoughts.

Next, wrap a coil of energy around the grounding cord. This coiled cord will discharge your undesirable or cluttered emotions.

Finally, activate your cords. Say something such as, “I release unhelpful thoughts. Clear away negative emotional clutter.”

  1. Smudge with Sage

Burning sage around your home firms your intention to clean and clear your space. Pay special attention to the corners, doors, and windows, as energy gets stuck in these spaces.

It’s important to open the windows and let in sunlight and fresh air both during and after your smudging. Sunlight and fresh air help clear unwanted energy out of an indoor space.

  1. Get Back to Nature

Going outside will ground and disperse any negative energy you may be bearing. So, get some fresh air. Take a walk in a park, hike in the mountains, or stroll on a beach. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass or dirt. You’ll feel better in as little as a few minutes!

When you’re outside, breathe in the sunshine. Yes, you read that right! Don’t just feel the sun’s warmth on your skin. Imagine you can inhale the sun’s warm, golden light into your body to physically recharge and clear your aura.

For an extra boost, use water to clear away unwanted energy. Empaths’ energy needs a lot of clearing, and water is very effective for doing this. So, go for a swim in an ocean or a lake, or play near and wade into a stream or a pond. If this isn’t possible, simply take a bath or a shower.

Final Thoughts

With these powerful and effective techniques, tools, and ideas, empaths can stop getting run over by negative energy and people. Empaths can shift to a consistent position of power, balance, and strength, instead of always feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, depressed, and anxious.

Incorporating these energy protection tools into your daily routine will free you to seek and align with your life’s purpose.