Learn How to Read Runes

Read Runes

Rune reading is something that has become popular with those that are looking to tell the future. It is a popular tool of divination like the tarot cards and crystal ball reading. But many don’t understand the idea behind reading runes.

When you want to read runes, it is important to know what the runes mean and how they can help you and others.

Understanding Runes

Runes are part of an ancient alphabet, and they were used in the Nordic and Viking cultures in the past.  There are different types of runes but the most popular are the Elder Futhark where each of the stone has a Futhark character and are simple to read.

The runes have been around since 150 A.D., and they have been used to spread wisdom and to help people to understand their lives better. The important thing about this practice is learning to interpret the runes. Someone that is good at interpreting runes doesn’t use the meanings everyone else gives but they come up with their own.

Reading Runes

You need to either make your own runes or you can buy them. Some runes are made out of stones while others are made out of wood or even crystals. You should use your intuition to guide you when you want to pick the right runes for you.

It is important to never buy runes that are made out of animal bones because this would be against the law of nature. Once you have your runes, you need to hold them in your hand and think of a question that you want to ask. Then, reach into the bag and pull out 1, 2 or even 3 runes.

The runes can give you insight on your life and you can ask yes or no questions. Make sure that you set your intentions and that you have your question deep in your mind before you begin. You can lay the runes out to represent things such as your past, present or future.

Each rune will have a different meaning and if you have them face down then you can read them like that and you can choose to do reversed readings or not choose to do reversed. The reversed means that the runes land upside down.

Rune Layouts

There are different kinds of rune layouts and here is a breakdown of the three-rune layout:

  • Rune 1: This means that you have a question or a situation that you need to know something about.
  • Rune 2: This means challenges that you are facing and what you need to avoid.
  • Rune 3: Represents what you are going to do to make your situation better and what you need to let go of.

5 Rune Layout

This layout will have a stone in the middle. It goes rune 2 on the left, rune 3 above the stone that is you stone, rune 4 goes under the you stone and rune 5 goes to the right of the you stone.

The stones will tell a story of the past, which is the stone on the left, the recent past, which is the stone on the bottom, the future ideas, which is the top stone, and the future happenings are the stones on the far right.

This spread will look like an equilateral cross when laid out.

9 Rune Layout

This layout is one that requires more space. The outer part of the runes will mean lesser things and the middle will be more meaningful than the others. This is a life layout, and you can interpret these the way that your intuition tells you.

Single Rune Castings

You can start with one rune at a time, and you can ask your question and then pull one rune out of the bag. What does this mean for you and your situation?

Interpreting Runes

This is the hard part of rune reading. You need to meditate and be serious when you decide to interpret the runes. You can see that the runes will represent things in your life. Drawing one single rune is called the Mannaz. This rune will represent who you are and yourself.

You can’t just ask what will satisfy yourself, but you need to have more than one single word when you ask questions so that you can get real meanings.


This is a word that means self, individual or attitude. This can also mean things such as:

• Friendships.
• Relationships.
• Enemies.
• Divine order.
• Intelligence.
• Creativity.
• Attitudes.
• Enemies.
• Blindness.
• Self-delusion.
• Getting no help.
• Depression.

Understanding the Rune Reading

If you have information that comes to you then you need to be able to read between the lines to interpret it. When the Mannaz comes up, it can mean that you need to focus on what you are doing and get rid of things in your life like addictive behaviors.

If you are doing a classic cast, you can look online and find out what the interpretations are that you find. As you learn the meanings of the stones and you get better, you can do your own interpretations.

Elaborate on what you think that the stones mean and how they affect you. You might not get it right all the time but if you keep practicing then you will get better.

Rune Sigil

This is the way that the runes flow and it can mean:

  • Fehu: Possessions you have.
  • Uruz: Having strength and courage.
  • Thurisaz: A gateway.
  • Ansuz: Picking up signals.
  • Raidho: Your spiritual journey.
  • Kenaz: An opening.
  • Gebo: Being in partnership.
  • Wunjo: Having happiness.
  • Hagalaz: Disruption of life.
  • Naudhiz: Constraining yourself.
  • Isa: Being still.
  • Jera: In the harvest.
  • Ehwaz: Being defensive.
  • Perthro: Initiation.
  • Sowilo: Being whole.
  • Tiwaz: A warrior.
  • Berkano: Going through growth.
  • Ehwaz: Moving.
  • Mannaz: Self.
  • Laguz: The flow.
  • Inqwaz: Being fertile.
  • Dagaz: Having a breakthrough.
  • Othala: Separating.
  • Odin’s Stone: Blank stone that means that there is no answer now.

Finding Runes

You can make your own runes, or you can look online. You might be able to find a store that sells these as well. There are 25 different runes which is one of them being blank or Odin’s stone.

Information on Runes

There are different books and online articles that you can find about runes. Do whatever you feel is right when you are looking to become a rune reader.