Using Runes for Divination


One of the most popular tools of divination are the runes. You can use your intuition to guide you to use these runes. The runes are part of an ancient alphabet that once was known in Germany and in different tribes around Europe. Runes are also part of Norse mythology, and they are a way to study the German language.

There are different runic alphabets but the most popular is the Elder Futhark and it uses 24 different symbols, and they are divided into groups of 8, three of them. The oldest writing of the runes is around 150 A.D.

What Do The Runes Look Like?

The runes will look similar, and they are used in order to tell the future and for other purposes. The runes will have a single symbol that is etched into the stones. These can be laid out like cards and can answer questions that you have about the past, present and the future.

Kinds of Runes

Runes have three different things connected to them including an action, a phonetic sound, and an esoteric meaning. With these three things, the runes are used to give answers, and this is a tool of divination that is used since Germanic mythology.

What Do the Runes Mean?

The runes use a different language, but it is something that you can learn to read. This will work even better for you if you tune into your intuition. Runes are normally made of glass, stones, wood, bone, ceramic, gemstones, or even regular stones. You can really find runes made of different materials and this doesn’t matter but has to do more with what you prefer. Listen to your intuition as you find runes that you connect with.

Some psychics will make their own runes and they will use their energy to make this happen. It can take years to really become a master of runes and rune stones are there to help people get answers to their problems and questions.

Casting Runes

Rune casting is when you put the stones on a cloth and you face them towards the East and West, where the sun is. The runes will fall a certain way and the ones that are facing up are the ones that are read one way but if they are facing down then they are read another way.

Reading a Rune Daily

Just like in tarot card readings, the runes have a spread. You can do this each day in order to answers questions and get details. You can also do this to practice so that you can understand the runes better.

As you learn to do rune reading, you will get answers to the questions that you have. This works just like any other tool of divination practice. You need to take time to focus on your breathing, meditate and make sure that you are connected to the runes. Let your spirit guides help you with this and then always thank them for helping you.

Put all the runes in a bag and mix them up. Use your dominate hand and then pull one out. This stone should give you an answer to the question that you asked for the day. If you aren’t sure what the rune means or how its answering your question, you can pull another one out of the bag.

If you still don’t have the answer that you need, reshuffle the runes before you try picking another one out of the bag.

Three Rune Spread

This spread is harder than the single rune reading but if you want to have more answers to your question then these runes can help. Since it is three, it represents the past, present and the future. The stone that tells you about the past will tell you about things that happened and things that are related to you including people and events. This can answer your question.

The present will offer a clear path for you and what you are going through right now. The future stone will tell you where your life is leading you.

You can also draw three runes when you have a problem that you need answers to. This can be something that you are facing, and you need a solution to the problem.

As you learn the runes and what they mean, you will see that you can develop a relationship with the stones. These will give you meanings and will help you to understand what is going on in your life. The runes are easy to learn, and they only have one meaning per stone.

Caring for Your Stones

You need to make sure that you are keeping your runes cleansed and safe as you use them for your readings. Cleansing your stones and charging them is important, especially if you are using them every day.

There are different ways that you can cleanse your stones such as putting them in the moonlight for 24 hours, smudging, purifying, or using herbs. Runes can also be washed in natural water sources such as rivers or streams. Don’t ever use tap water to wash your runes but only water sources.

If you need to know more about your future and you aren’t sure about rune reading still, talk to a psychic and get the answers that you need.