How to Know if You Lived a Past Life

How to Know if You Lived a Past Life

Some people believe that you live one life while others believe that you live multiple lives. There are some people that disagree about the one life idea, and they believe in reincarnation.

There are different religions that have different concepts that people believe and there are different people that talk about the different signs and symbols that people have such as dreams that show their past lives.

There are some signs that might show if you lived a past life or not and notice if you have any of these past life signs or not:

Recurring Dreams

You might have explanations for your dreams but if you keep having the same dream over and over, the dreams can come in different forms. Pay attention to any dream that has any historical context or any specific location that you don’t remember being at.

Chances are that you have been to these places or times in your past life.

Déjà vu

Most people feel déjà vu here or there and there is a big difference between déjà vu and living in a past moment.

Many feel that the brain misinterprets a memory and makes it part of the brain center but those that believe in past lives often believe that déjà vu is a sign of living in a past life.

Past Events

One of the best ways to know if you have lived a past life is by looking at memories that you have that you should not have.

Are there memories that you have for events that you were never at? If you can describe an event that you should have never been at, this can mean that you have memories from a past life.


People that believe in reincarnation often believe in the past, present and future.

If you are always able to predict what is going to happen or you have a sense that something is going to happen that does, it can mean that you are able to tell the future. This can mean that your soul has been there before, and it can figure out what is going to happen in the future because of this.

Fears and Phobias

Someone that has fears and phobias that they cannot explain might have lived a past life. Are you afraid of heights or afraid of spiders? If you are and you don’t know where this fear comes from, chances are that you have lived a past life.

Do you believe in phobias coming from past life events that were traumatic for you? Sometimes you might be afraid and not be sure why and this can be the reason.


Are you someone that gets a lot of pains and aches that you cannot explain? Have you been to the doctor, and they don’t know where the pains come from?

This can be a sign that you have lived a past life and that you were hurt in the past life. This pain from your past life could have carried over to your present life and can be part of your body now.

Soulmate Connections

A romantic way that you can tell if you have lived a past life is through a soulmate connection. If you meet someone and you have a strong connection with them, chances are that they are your soulmate and that you met them in the past life.

Recognizing a stranger as a soulmate can give you information about people that you hung out with in your past life.

Old Soul

Maybe you are someone that feels older than you are. You might feel wise, and you might feel that you are more mature than other people.

If you feel this way, you may have lived many past lives along the way.

Don’t Belong

Many people feel that they don’t belong in the earth or at the time that they are living. They feel out of place, and they feel like they don’t belong. Maybe they feel that they should be somewhere else.

People that are lonely sometimes are lonely because they are missing their past life. If you are wanting another time or another place to come into your life, you might be homesick for your past life.


When you pay attention to these signs you can see that you might have lived a past life. Which of these signs have you experienced before?