What Qualities and Abilities Does an Empath Have?


There are many different articles that talk about empaths and people that are very sensitive. They talk about the way that an empath can protect themselves from being a victim and from being weak.

Shielding and blocking can help protect an empath and help them to be well in their mind, body and spirit and it can help them to create barriers that protect them. When someone is feeling sick or imbalanced, there are positive things that can be done in order to make sure that the empaths are strong and healthy.

Empathy and Curses

Being overly sensitive and weak does not mean that you have to let life be hard for you. If you are sensitive, it allows you to help others and to love others.

Having abilities as an empath can mean that you are often confused about your emotions and that your emotions can go up and down and cause you to feel strange or even sick at times. There is a way that an empath can take care of themselves and one technique is called SOAR. Soar means to surrender, observe, accept and release.

This SOAR can be a way that you learn to live and can help you to learn to have strength and willpower and help you to be able to pay attention to your mind and your soul.

What is SOAR?

SOAR can be broken down like this:


To surrender means that you allow your mind to give in. No matter how uncomfortable you are, if you learn to surrender your emotions, then you will be able to accept them instead of putting them in the back burner. Everyone has to feel their emotions in order to identify them.


To observe your emotions means that you are taking time to know everything about yourself. You can feel, taste and even smell your emotions and this can help you to have more energy. Allow your emotions to come but do not hang on to them.

This is easy to talk about, but it is sometimes hard and that is why we all have to work to be better each day.


You must accept that you have emotions and that they are part of your body. You also have to accept that this is just for a time and that things are always changing.


Once you surrender, observe and accept your emotions, you will then be able to let them go. Once you release them, you will feel better and in power.

Using SOAR as a technique to take care of your mind, body and soul is a way that you can meditate and learn to feel better, relaxed and to visualize doing things in your life that are good. Imagine things such as being in nature or listening to calm music.

Learn to love who you are and to practice having a life that is better. Remember, being an empath is a gift and you should learn to embrace it instead of running from it.


  1. The breakdown of SOAR into surrender, observe, accept, and release is quite insightful. Each step seems to target a different aspect of dealing with emotions.

  2. Overall, the article highlights the importance of self-care and mindfulness for empaths, which can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

  3. The idea of feeling, tasting, and smelling emotions during the observation phase is intriguing. It suggests a deeper, more immersive experience of one’s emotional state.

  4. The article provides a balanced perspective on handling sensitivity, emphasizing both the challenges and the strengths that come with being an empath.

  5. It’s fascinating how the article turns what is often viewed as a weakness into a strength through specific techniques.

  6. The concept of SOAR appears to be a practical method for emotional management. It seems to provide a structured way to handle the complexities of being an empath.

    • I agree, it offers a clear framework that could be useful not only for empaths but for anyone dealing with emotional stress.


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