Using Runes as Tools of Divination

Using Runes

Rune reading is one of the main tools that psychics use as a tool of divination. The rune tones are from ancient times, and they date back to the 1st century A.D. The runic alphabet has 24 letters, and they are made out of wood or stone for writing and fortune telling.

The alphabet became whole after Elder Futhark made it to have the right amount of letters in the 5th century A.D. and is often used today. It was used often by Nordic tribes and Vikings, and some believe it is based off of Old Latin.

The history of the runes is very exciting and magical, and it has been used in different cultures across the world. Some believe that the runes hold a special power of magic, and they take the idea of runes reading seriously in their lives.

Runes are even used today by psychics and by those that want to connect with their higher being. They help to increase intuition and can be used to tell the future. You can even learn to read runes on your own.

What Do Runes Mean?

There are 24 letters in the runes, and some have a blank tile that is called an Odin. This is one that is unknown. It is called Odin after the Norse God who gave up his eye so that he could see everything that was happening in the world around him. Therefore, if this rune is drawn it means that things haven’t happened yet and there will be divine timing.

The alphabet is split in 3 parts of 8 runes each. They tell a cycle where the first set represents the material plane and the possessions of the world. This can mean things that bring people wealth like cattle did in the older times.

The second set of runes mean growth and becoming mature and whatever kinds of challenges that you will face in your life.

The third set of runes means your spiritual self-including birth, spiritual gifts, and community. Since this is an ancient language that has been around for years, some have interpreted it on their own while others have taken it literal.

The three sets of runes are broken down as:

  • Freyr’s Aett.
  • Heimdall’s Aett.
  • Tyr’s Aett.

Freyr’s Aett

This is the ruler of fertility and peace and is the son of the sea god called Njord. He also controls the weather such as the rain and the sun.

Rune 1: Fehu

This set means wealth and it shows the material things and the wealth that people have. It can base around financial success and around the success that people have socially. While some read the runes reversed, others believe that they only have one meaning. If the reversed rune is read as reversed though it can mean things such as:

  • Loss of income.
  • Loss of self-esteem.
  • Materialism struggles.

Otherwise, the runes in this set normally mean things such as:

• Hope.
• Luck.
• Prosperity.
• Wealth.
• Abundance.
• Good fortune.

Rune 2: Uruz

This is the second stone, and it means wild bull. This stone can mean things such as:

• Enduring.
• Determination.
• Motivation.
• Working hard.
• Strength.
• Motivation.
• Perseverance.

This stone can mean that the person has strong energy and that they are able to get things done fast. They have strong power, and it is a masculine energy.

If you read this reversed, it can mean:

  • Being overly dominating.
  • Having a challenge.
  • Blockages.
  • Force that is not directed well.

Rune 3: Thurisaz

This rune is the idea behind the giant hammer that Thor has. This also can mean things such as:

• Defiance.
• Destruction.
• Force.
• Powerful energies.
• Cleansing.
• Getting rid of negativity.
• Purging.

When this rune is reversed it can mean things such as:

  • Betraying of others.
  • Compulsive decisions.
  • Defenselessness.
  • Being in spite of others.

Rune 4: Ansuz

This rune is a communication rune and represents Odin and his wisdom. This can mean that you are going to get a divine message and that if you listen to the advice that others give you then it can benefit you. It can also mean:

• Wisdom.
• Advice.
• Truth.
• Being inspired.
• Excitement or enthusiasm.

If this rune is reversed it can mean:

• Manipulation.
• Deceit.
• Unable to communicate well.
• Not understanding things around you.

Rune 5: Raidho

This stone can mean being on a journey. It shows a wheel that can mean something physical like traveling or it can mean being on a spiritual journey. It can also mean things such as:

  • Changing your perspective.
  • Evolving.
  • Going through the circle of life.

When this rune is reversed it can mean:

  • Being on a path that is closed or blocked.
  • Not able to go on your journey because something is stopping you.

Rune 6: Kenaz

This is a rune that means fire, flame, or torch. This represents finding the truth in your life and letting the light inside of you shine. It can also mean that you have been in a place that you weren’t sure about but now it is coming out what it means and meant for you. It also can mean:

  • Secrets are going to come out.
  • You are on the right path in your life.
  • You are finding your life calling.
  • Knowledge.
  • Being creative.
  • Inspired.
  • Having energy to recharge.

If reversed, this stone can mean:

  • You aren’t able to be creative.
  • You have hope that will get you nowhere.
  • Falseness.
  • Unstable.
  • Having no vision.

Rune 7: Gebo

This rune means gifts and is a positive rune. It can mean that you have many talents and blessings that have been given to you. It can also mean:

  • Being generous.
  • Having strong balance.
  • Being in good relationships.

There is no reversed meaning.

Rune 8: Wunjo

This rune can mean to have joy and to be triumphant and victorious. It also can mean:

  • You belong.
  • To celebrate.
  • Having security and safety.
  • You are in harmony.
  • Prosperity.
  • Getting reward in your spiritual self.

If reversed, this rune can mean:

• Sorrow.
• Loss.

Heimdall’s Aett

This is represented of Heimdall who was in Norse mythology. He is the one that watches the gods.

Rune 9: Hagalaz

This rune can mean hail as a disaster that comes to destroy things such as crops, or land and it can also mean that a change is coming out of nowhere that isn’t good. This is a rune that means that there is change that you cannot stop but that it is going to be destructive. The only way to win through this is to handle these problems with grace.

The storms that come to you will teach you a lesson of how hard things can be but also that you can grow and move forward even after disaster strikes.

There is no reverse meaning.

Rune 10: Nauthiz

This rune means that you have needs that make you feel that you have lived a good life. It can mean that you need to take time to rest and have fun so that you can be balanced.

When this rune is pulled, it means that you need to see what you are lacking in self-care and change it. You can’t help others if you are empty. It also can mean:

  • Lacking.
  • Having delays.
  • Not able to do what you want.
  • To be patient.

Rune 11: Isa

Isa means ice and it is a time that you need to wait. Even if you are stuck, you need to look at things form a different point of view. Wait until you have all of the information, and you know the whole story you can wait for the universe to change.

This can also mean:

  • Being frustrated.
  • Having blocks on your mental state.

Rune 12: Jera

This represents a harvest. It means to have plenty and if you feel that you are lacking then something good is about to happen. You need to be happy and thankful for what you do have and then you will see more come.

This also can represent:

  • Mother nature.
  • The cycle of life.

This card cannot be reversed.

Rune 13: Eihwaz

This is a rune that means ash tree. It represents the Tree of Life and the cycle of life. This can also mean:

  • Divine protection.
  • Wisdom.
  • Being enlightened.
  • Having purpose.
  • Connection to the worlds.

Rune 14: Perthro

This stone means destiny and fortune. It is a gambler’s rune. It can mean that there are influences that will come to your life and then you have to take a chance. This can be something that goes well or goes bad. You need to be able to take the lesson that you are learning and the things that have happened in your life and learn to make it good. It can also mean:

  • Hidden things.
  • Secrets.
  • Changes
  • Symbolizes the womb.

If reversed this can mean:

  • Having no faith.
  • Going through loss.

Rune 15: Algiz

This rune means to be protected and defensive. It can mean that you have the power inside of you to manifest what you want and while you do this, your spirit guides are there to protect you.

This is a protecting rune and is going to keep you safe from evil. It can also mean:

  • Reaching your awakening.
  • Having strong intuition.

When reversed this can mean:

  • A warning sign.
  • Being helpless.

Rune 16: Sowilo

This is a good rune and means the sun. It represents having things such as:

• Luck.
• Abundance.
• Happiness.
• Good fortune.

When you get this rune, it means that you need to celebrate because you have reached your goals and you are doing great. It can also mean that you have great health and elemental powers.

This stone has no reversed meaning.

Tyr’s Aett

This is represented of the Sky god that works to have justice and war.

Rune 17: Tiwaz

This rune means an arrowhead of the god Tyr. It shows that you can work through all of your troubles and that you are a great leader, and you are kind, rational and authoritative. It can mean that you are victorious and that you have great knowledge and strengths, but you are willing to sacrifice who you are if you need to.

If reversed it can mean:

  • Creative blockages.
  • Unbalanced.
  • Having no passion.

Rune 18: Berkana

This is the rune that means birth and represents the goddess, Birch. It can mean fertility and having creation. It doesn’t mean real birth but a rebirth or a partnership that is new. It can mean that you are growing in your mental and physical self and that your spirit wants to be free.

When reversed, this can mean:

• Stress.
• Anxiety.
• No control.

Rune 19: Ehwaz

This is representative of a horse. It can mean that there is someone that you can trust by your side. It means having change and being able to move forward. It can also mean making slow progress. This rune also means:

• Being a team player.
• Trusting.
• Loyalty.

When reversed this rune can mean:

  • Having no trust.
  • Being restless.
  • In disharmony with others.

Rune 20: Mannaz

This represents humanity and how man works. It shows who you are and what your true identity is. It can represent the relationships that you have with other people. This can also mean:

• Social order.
• Values.
• Morals.
• Cooperating.

If reversed this rune can mean:

  • Manipulating others.
  • Being isolated.
  • Self-delusion.

Rune 21: Laguz

This represents water and is part of your intuition, dreams, goals, and emotions. It shows that you can have healing power and that you have strong psychic gifts. It can also mean that now is a time to reveal secrets and to renew your thoughts and your life. There are secrets in the underworld that can be shown to you in this stone.

When reversed it can mean:

  • Being disconnected from your spiritual self.
  • Misjudging yourself and others.
  • Fearful.

Rune 22: Inqwaz

This is a fertility rune, and it represents Ing, the Earth god. It works with:

• Fertility.
• Wellbeing.
• Anecestors.
• Family.
• Getting things completed.
• Family lineage.

There is no reversed meanings.

Rune 23: Othala

This means inheriting things and leaving a legacy behind. It can mean that you know what your values are and that you find them important. It also means being prosperous and having values that were inherited to you.

In reverse, this can mean:

  • Having issues.
  • Being prejudice.

Rune 24: Dagaz

This is the rune of dawn and means that you are ending a cycle that you have been in. It can also show that the coming of age is happening and you are going to go through new things and have breakthroughs that you have been waiting on. It represents things such as:

• Starting fresh.
• Hope.
• Certainty.
• Being secure.
• Having good times.
• Good changes.
• Completion.

There is no reversed meaning.

Rune 25: Odin’s Rune

This is the optional rune that not everyone uses. It is blank and can mean that the answer isn’t there for you yet and you have to wait for it to come. This means:

  • Hidden secrets.
  • Not knowing things.
  • The unknown.
  • Mysteries.

Casting a Rune

Runes are ways that you can reach your intuition. You can pull one rune and see if it is a yes or no and you can do this each day for three days. You can also do runes like tarot card readings and represent the past, present and the future. Spreads can also mean situations, actions and outcomes that are going to happen.

Runes normally are cast at 3 at a time or in an odd number. Some will do 5 while others will do 7 or 9. Some even will use 24 runes and lay them out.

There are two main ways to cast runes, some are thrown onto a piece of fabric and the only ones that are counted are the ones that are facing upwards. Or you can hold the pouch that you keep the runes in and use your dominate hand to reach into the bag. Ask a question that you want to be answered and when you pull out the rune, take your answer.

Runes are popular and they are written in wood or stones, mostly. You can purchase your own set of runes, or you can make your own.

Rune Layouts

Here are some of the most popular rune layouts:

  • 5-Rune: This is one on the bottom that is the question, the one on the left means the problem, the one on top means the good influences, the one on the right means an immediate answer and the middle one means influences of the question in the future.
  • 7-Rune: This one is laid out in a v-format. The one on the top left means the past, the second from the left means the question, third form the left means actions in the future, the center bottom means action that need to be taken now, the rune on the right of the center shows the emotions tied with this question, the second from the top right means the problem and the top right shows the future outcome.

24 Rune Layout

They are put in a 3×8 grid, and the row starts at the top from right to left:

  • Rune 1: How to get money this year.
  • Rune 2: How to get better physical health.
  • Rune 3: How to get defense or destruction.
  • Rune 4: How to get wise.
  • Rune 5: Where your life path is going.
  • Rune 6: What you will learn in the future.
  • Rune 7: How to get your spiritual gifts.
  • Rune 8: How to have peace and joy.

Second row from right to left:

  • Rune 1: Future changes.
  • Rune 2: How you can reach your goals.
  • Rune 3: The challenges you will face.
  • Rune 4: What you will achieve and be successful at.
  • Rune 5: The challenges you have to have.
  • Rune 6: Your strong inner skills.
  • Rune 7: The situations going on in your life.
  • Rune 8: What energy is guiding you.

Third row from the right to the left:

  • Rune 1: The business affairs you are facing.
  • Rune 2: How you will grow.
  • Rune 3: The relationships you form.
  • Rune 4: The social status you have.
  • Rune 5: Your emotional state.
  • Rune 6: Your romantic situation.
  • Rune 7: How you will become balanced.
  • Rune 8: What assets you will gain.

Each of the runes have different meanings and how you interpret them is up to you. Use your intuition to guide you and try the rune stones. Find more online about what the runes mean, or you can use your own gifts to figure it out.