5 Reasons You Need to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

5 Reasons You Need to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

Guardian angels are spiritual being that aid us, whispering messages into our intuition so we may create the best possible path forward.  Also called spirit guides, these beings are key during our life journey and are accessible whenever we need them.  When we are born, we are assigned a group of spirit guides to work with us throughout our life in the good times and the bad times.  When we navigate a situation, the best suited guide appears to help us succeed.  They help us see what we must do and the best methods to accomplish it by speaking through our intuition.

It’s okay to feel like you can’t do this on your own.  You won’t be, your guardian angels will be worth you every step of the way.  You can learn to communicate with your spirit guides, you simply have to be receptive and aware of messages.  Be patient and have a regular practice of journaling or meditating.  To get you started, here are five reasons you should begin communicating with your spirit guides today.

  1. Hones your intuition: Use intuitive building practices as part of your self-care routine.  Notice the recuring patterns or points that feel more pressing.  These are your gut reaction directing you to the right solution for the moment.
  2. Seeing the right signs: Sometimes you need more than just a gut reaction.  Sometimes it is too early to have the right answers with you.  This is why your spirit guides will send you signs to nudge you a certain way.  It may be in the form of weather, discovered objects, animal appearance, dreams or déjà vu.  Seeing signs stops us in our tracks because it deviates from our daily routine.  Our guides know which signs will resonate most with us and send them our way to help us begin to prepare for new events on the horizon.
  3. Improved clarity: Sometime life gets so muddled we can’t see a situation for what it truly is or has the potential to become.  New issues require new solutions, even when it might require time to manifest.  Communicating with spirit guides helps direct you to the right resources to create success.  It may require patience and hard work, but listen to your gut and trust it’s insight.  Your guides will never lead you astray.
  1. Your personal spiritual board of directors: Working with spirit guides is having instant access to some of the best experts on a given subject.  Your guardian angels can help you act in the most loving and mature manner to make the necessary choices to live a full and vibrant life.  They will help you embrace new experiences and reach new heights.  Perhaps you may wonder if you have previous done this active before because the skills or situation are coming so naturally to you.  In actuality it is changes in your perspective that are shaping this positive outcome.  Your spirit guides have been with you since birth and know you the best.  If you get confused about an issue, take a break and journal your thoughts.  While writing notice any surprises or recurring pattern.  Observe the pros and cons.  This is your spirit guide in action helping you discover the best path for you.
  1. You sleep better: During sleep we let our conscious mind rest and our subconscious is able to take over.  If you have been practicing communicating with your spirit guides during the day, you may be able to interact with them during your dream state.  Learning how to communicate with them can reduce your risk of nightmares and promote more lucid dreaming.  Pay attention to new and recurring visitors in your dreams and how you are interacting with each other.  These people are often members of your spiritual team reminding you that they are with you every second of every day and love you unconditionally.