Thursday , August 16 2018
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Rune Healing & White Magic

                 Rune healing is not as common as crystal healing or other psychic healing process but it works wonder and can give significant changes into a miserable and lonely life of someone. So, Do you have a problem to make a decision? Don’t …

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Effective Healing of Runes

The use of Runes might not be as popular as the other but it’s proven effective. Runes have strong and powerful healing properties and are of great therapeutic value.   This is because of their ancient earth-based, grounded energies, as well as their harmonious and balancing vibration. All the runes have …

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Finding Balance In Mind, Body and Spirit

How does it feel to truly live in balance?   Balance rests on four powers — love, intuition, intelligence, and physical strength. With these four powers in balance, we can live life with no limits. Well-Being encompasses all our parts, not just the physical body. When our emotions are in turmoil …

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The First Stage To Runic Development and the 18 Runes

The Norse Runes can be used in any type of magic – they are very powerful and versatile since they are the building blocks of creation.  These Runes can also be used in healing.   The word Rune means secret or whisper,  they were given by Odin’s mysterious powers, as he …

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Kano, The Rune Of Fire

Kano is the symbol rune of flame, enlightenment, the inward light, energy, knowledge, and internal knowing, among different qualities. As of recently I got this rune when I required an understanding into a unique task. I wasn’t certain I needed to get included. When I picked the rune, I understood …

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