Using Healing for your Goddess Chakra Energy

Chakra Energy

People often need to have energy and to have power in their lives, but they don’t know that they can get power from the Goddesses of the chakras.

If you need to have a time to recharge your mind, body and soul, you can talk to your spirit guides and ask them to guide you to what kind of Goddess power that you need to help you to reach your higher self.

The Goddesses can help you to connect with our inner self and they can help you by honoring your feminine and masculine powers. You need to make sure that your chakras are always strong and balanced if you want to have strength and goodness in your life.

Each of the chakras are connected to Goddess power and you can do different activities in your life in order to reach your better self. When you learn to use positive affirmations, to meditate and use things like crystals and stones or essential oils, you can increase your self love and have peace and happiness in your life.

Root Chakra

The Goddess that represents the Root Chakra is the Warrior Queen Kail. She is there to help you feel secure and to give you energies when you feel like your life is falling apart.

She is grounded in the earth and you will help you to change and be stronger. If you want to reach her, go outside in nature and go barefoot.

Sacral Chakra

The Goddess Ishtar is the sacral chakra goddess. She will help you to be more creative and to bring things to your life such as love and money. If you want to have peace and joy in your life, you need to manifest her power.

Ishtar is the divine and she will be able to help you if you create a vision board to boost your powers.

Solar Plexus

In order to reach the Goddess of the solar plexus, call out to Persephone. She will help you to have more trust in yourself and in your intuition. She will help you to reach what you want in your life.

This Goddess can help you to have more power in yourself and to keep your chakras balanced. If you want to be stronger, do yoga and try the Boat Pose.

Heart Chakra

The Heart chakra is with the Goddess Kwan Yin and she will help you to have love and compassion for yourself and others.

You can use this goddess to help you have unconditional love and if you are struggling with unforgiveness, you can use this goddess to help you. The experiences that you have will give you love and compassion and will help you grow. Use the Rose Quartz when you call on her.

Throat Chakra

The Throat chakra is based around the Goddess Athena. She will help you to open up your communication and to speak the truth. She will help you to be the real person that you are meant to be.

Use this goddess to speak the truth and if you want to be stronger, eat yellow or blue foods.

Third Eye

The Goddess Isis is based around the Third Eye Chakra. She can help you to have more intuition and can help you to be more aware of what is going on around you.

Learn to make good choices and if you want to be stronger use Tarot cards to help you.

Crown Chakra

The Goddess of the Crown chakra can help you. Nuit is the goddess that gives you peace and joy and helps you to reach your higher self. Learn to be open and thankful for what you have.

If you want to be stronger in your Crown chakra, go out into the sun.


Remember that you are meant to have good desires and intentions, and these are gifts that were given to you from the universe. Learn to connect with the goddesses and learn to embrace your life to have balanced chakras.

The Chakras are meant to balance you and to help you to be strong and healthy in your mind, body and soul.