Understanding Your Spirit Guide

Understanding Your Spirit Guide

Have you ever been in a situation, but you weren’t sure what the best choice of action was? Then out of nowhere, you just seemed to know what to do? This isn’t something that you made up, in fact, it is your spirit guides that are there to guide you and to keep you safe.

Your Spirit Guides

A spirit guide is someone that comes to us in a spiritual way and will guide us. They are real spirits that can live inside of people that are kind such as teachers, doctors or nurses or they can even be spirit animals. Some are spirits that come and help us to see the truth and to give us signs.

These guides are there to protect us and keep us safe from the decisions that we make.

Kinds of Spirit Guides

There are different kinds of spirit guides, and you might wonder who your guide is and what they look like. You can find out things about them by paying attention to the signs they give you. Let them teach you along the way.

Ancestral Spirit Guides

An ancestral spirit guide is one that you have met in your life at some point. This can be a relative, friend or even a pet that you had. They are there to guide you and to protect you. You can talk to them just like you do someone that you live with.

Angel Spirit Guides

Angel spirit guides are angels that come to help you in different ways. They can show themselves in a different form and they are there to make sure that you are strong and that you are living a good life.

These are divine beings and many of them have specific jobs. Michael for example, he is one that is there to protect you and to heal people. You can call on him when you need help.

Sometimes your guardian angels will also be your spirit guides. Even though they were created for a different purpose, your angels will sometimes play both roles. The angels will be able to speak into the spirit world and they will do things to protect you while you walk through life.

Animal Guides

An animal guide or a spirit animal is one that is there to connect with you. They will guide you and they will show you the good things about your life. You might feel like you need help in things such as your job or in your relationship and if an animal keeps showing up, this can be your guide.

If your guide is a white eagle, this can be a separate spirit animal that is meant to show you something new. Even if you cannot see them, they have strong power and strong wisdom. They are very still and will show up right at the perfect time.

Human Spirit Guide

A human spirit guide is someone that comes along to help you while on earth. They might be someone that is a psychic or a healer. These people are there to show you the right path and to lead you through a good life. They will work with different tools and do different things. You can find these guides through communities or even online.

Another group of human spirit guides are people that are from Buddhism or Hinduism. These people are there to show you the right way to live so that you can have a beautiful life.

Bhagavan Das Guides

These guides are an American spirit guide, and it is called Ram Das. This is based on the Buddhist and the Hindu religion and is part of the Indian ancestry. He is known to sing and to write things.

Who Do I Have as My Guide?

People have many guides throughout their life, and you might have multiple at the same time. Some are your ancestors that are looking to make sure you’re safe and others might be your angel guides that are there to lead you down the right path. No matter what guides you have, you have had some kind of guide since you were born.

There are some guides that will come for a short period of time while others are there to stay for a long time. Some want to teach you life lessons and others are there just to help you make it through your day.

Talking to Your Spirit Guides

You can talk to your spirit guides just as you do someone you are close to. You don’t even have to go out of your way to find them because they are right with you.

Getting Signs

You can ask your spirit guides to give you some signs that they are there. This can be anything from a breeze, chill bumps, pictures on a wall or even a song. They will come to you and teach you. Sometimes you might even hear your guides saying your name or you might see them out of the corner of your eye.

Your guides will come to you to give you wisdom and when they really want to get your attention, they might knock a book over or appear to you in some kind of way. They will always try to get your attention when they need to.

Asking Questions

You can talk to your spirit guides and ask them anything you want. You can talk to them and ask them how they are doing. They want you to talk to them.

Whenever you need help, your guides are there for you. You need to ask them to help you and to guide you. They will not do this unless you ask them and tell them that you need them. They will not overstep their boundaries and you have to make sure that you show them that you want them with you.


You can use crystals to connect with your spirit guides. When you do this, it can help you to communicate with them on a different angle. You can use crystals such as the amethyst to help you to get your thoughts across.

Oracle Cards

Another way to connect with your spirit guide is through oracle cards. You can use these cards as you ask questions, and it can help you to find your answer. You can ask for a sign and you can ask for guidance as you put the cards in a layout. Let them show you the path that you need to go on.


Another great way to talk to your guides is through meditation. This is a time where you can quiet your mind and listen better. Ask your guides to come to you when you are meditating. They might even come to you as a dream.

You can talk to your guides, and they will teach you. Let them send you messages and soak in their energies. You can do this anywhere that you are but being in nature might open up things better for you.

Does Everyone Have Spirit Guides?

Everyone has some kind of spirit guide that is with them, even if they don’t know. Sometimes the guides are there on a regular basis and sometimes different guides will come. As we grow and learn, we can see who is with us.

Are Spirit Guides Real?

Believing in a spirit guide is up to you. You might wonder if your guide is real and if they really are there to help you. Give them a chance and open up your heart to the world around you. Find out what you really believe in!