Indigo Children: Are You One?

Indigo Children

Many have heard of indigo children, but few have ever considered that they may know or even be one. In a world that has largely lost its deep sense of spiritually and pathway to enlightenment, indigo children are placed among us in order to realign humanity with our mystical roots and natural destinies. In the 70s, the idea of indigo children became mainstream. There have long been groups of individuals whose primary purpose is to create change and awaken humanity. This has been through the history of civilization. You may be wondering if this could possibly be your mission and this article will help you find out.

Indigo Child Defined

Indigo children are fearless leaders and the light bearers that have been placed among humanity in order to awaken humanity spiritually speaking. While this may come across as earth shattering, an indigo child’s impression can actually be direct, small, and highly intentional. Most indigo children are free thinkers which leaves them on the fringe of society and even their friend group. Due to the extremeness of sensibilities, indigo children may struggle to fit into ordinary social situations. In Western medicine, indigo children are often misdiagnosed with some disorder. Indigo children will most likely communicate with multiple spiritual guides and may even see past or future visions.

Reality is a continuously shifting concept which can be frustrating, overwhelming, and hopeless at times. It can become challenging to stay on a steady path to personal and universal truths when we are uncertain of what is actually real and what is just illusion. Indigo children highlight the ultimate spiritual truths and reality so humanity can see what is real and what is not. As we grow and mature, we are actually more susceptible to lies, half-truths, and the sugar coating of facts, but indigo children will encourage people to see past the deceptions and help others realign with a spiritual purpose.

Signs of Being an Indigo Child

If you feel you are an outsider in modern society, but still hold the wisdom and spirituality to change the world, then it is possible you are an indigo child. Read on to learn some of the most common signs.

  • Highly Creative – For indigo children, creativity will always be out front. You will have a strong artistic sense of the world and be willing to express yourself creatively at every opportunity.
  • Free Thinking, Non-Conformist – The world is filled with deception, but the indigo child can always see beyond this to truth. This requires thinking freely and refusing to conform to most norms of modern society.
  • Communication with Guides and Spirits – An indigo child is very sensitive spiritually speaking. If you think you are an indigo child, you will likely receive communication from spirits and get intense visions of both the past and future.
  • Strong Connection to Nature – Indigo children are empaths who are profoundly connected to nature, even in the modern world.
  • Old Soul – Though the term is indigo children, these souls are not young as they have likely lived several lifetimes and possess profound wisdom.