Strengthen Your Third Eye Through Your Diet

Strengthen Your Third Eye Through Your Diet

Your Third Eye, also called the Anja, is located on your lower brow between your two physical eyes.  This chakra governs your endocrine system, and is represented by the color indigo.  A helping mantra to use is “Om” where you emphasize the m sound to open this gateway of consciousness so you can balance your masculine and feminine energies while enhancing your ability to mindfully know, act and feel at deep spiritual levels.  Working with your third eye improves your intuition, wisdom and connection.

Signs of a weak third eye

Are you an overly rational person?  You may feel uncomfortable exploring your intuitive skills or meditating regularly.  Instead, you prefer a more structure environment and social norms.  Perhaps you deal with depression and an undeveloped ego.  On the other hand, people with excess of Anja energy can experience dramatic mood swings, anxiety, and paranoia.  They are so fixated on minute details they are unable to see the broader picture.  Creativity is difficult and people can view this individual as arrogant, egotistical, or unrealistic.  Physically, individuals with excess Anja energy suffer with sinus, eye, and vision problems as well as unexplained chronic headaches.

Diet to improve Anja balance

It is important to eat mindfully and intuitively so you can be in harmony with your body’s needs at any given moment to optimize the third eye chakras.  However, some foods are more advantageous, like indigo or purple foods.  Select items like grapes, eggplant, purple Brussel sprouts/kale/sweet potatoes, blueberries, and blackberries.  Cacao products contain antioxidants that promote serotonin release, which bolsters blood flow to the brain.  Food rich in omega-3 like salmon, walnuts and avocado are also beneficial for brain health.  Make sure to drink plenty of water to circulate flow within your body and spirit.

Helpful affirmation: “I honor my inner wisdom.  I am intuitive and connected to my inner essence.  I am receptive to inspiration and bliss.  My life unfolds to welcome abundance of truth and love.”

More healings techniques to use:

  • Meditate daily
  • Explore opposing viewings in media or conversation to help you broaden your mindset
  • Go outside during sunny days! The third eye helps to balance light and dark, so enjoying nature can you ensure you are getting ample access to light sources.
  • Fall asleep and wake-up naturally. Your third eye chakra governs the pineal gland and your circadian rhythm.  Try to limit your reliance on sleep aids or caffeine to help force yourself asleep/awake.
  • Recite the OM mantra
  • Write or draw in a journal for self-reflection and connection to your inner wisdom. Make sure to include your nightly dream adventure in the journal as well!
  • Maintain balanced energy with yoga
  • Incorporate more indigo color in your life through clothing, crystals or flowers
  • Visualize a deep indigo light during your meditation practice. Notice it radiating in the middle of your forehead.  Focus on this light for roughly two minutes then let it natural fade.  This will help make sure you have an optimally open Anja

Maintaining a balanced third eye chakra

This will allow you to connect deeply with your heart and soul while understanding your innate spiritual wisdom.  You will comprehend the interconnectedness of life and your soul’s purpose.  Trust your gut and celebrate your ability to connect with yourself.  Having an awakened third eye is a vital step in developing an array of psychic gifts and appreciating the beauty in all things.