How Runes Can Help You Heal


The Healing Runes

healing runes 3I frequently utilize the antiquated Sacred Oracle of the Nordic Runes to pick up experiences and awareness. I made an arrangement of runes by utilizing a felt tip pen to draw the images onto little stones. Some individuals cut their own particular set on little cuts of a slim tree limb taken from their greenery enclosure. Making your own arrangement of runes is a valuable thoughtful practice all by itself.

Each rune can be linked to a letter but also to higher guidance. The original runes were said to have been channeled by Odin.

ODIN is the greatest of the Gods. He is the lord of hosts and the god of inspiration.

Odin’s thirst for knowledge drives his actions in many of the myths. He became all-wise by drinking from Mímir’s fountain, at the cost of one of his eyes. Having lost this physical eye he compensated for the loss by developing his Pineal gland – the third eye.  He impaled himself with his spear on Yggdrasil, the tree of life, for nine days to learn the secrets of the Universe.  it was during this period he was given the runes as a means of assisting humanity evolve. He is seen as the father of many gods and creator of the first man and woman. He is recognized by his floppy hat and long cloak.

The common man looked upon Odin with respect, rather than love; only the highly evolved chose to embrace him.

The stylised letter R in the runes is called Raido and is shown amongst the images below (far right column, penultimate row).  Maybe its just a co-incidence because my name begins with this letter but I like this rune in the context of the meaning of the healing runes because this is the one that reminds us how important the activity of SURRENDER is on our earth journey where our role is to spiritualise matter.

We have to let go of, or surrender, the ‘old’ we are holding on to so we are free to grasp the ‘new’.

Out of body experience confirms need to surrender

healing runes 1A couple of weeks ago I experienced an Ayahausca journey. Something I have wanted to do for many years.  The main lesson that came as a result of my conscious out of body experience, was the importance of surrender as a means to evolve. (For the record please understand that I will never recommend this type of experience to others – trust your heart to inform you of how best to assist your own journey). Ayahausca is called the Soul Vine and the herb’s effect is to activate neural pathways, open the pineal gland and allow you to see your own shadow side’s issues more clearly.  In so doing receive information to guide you to understand the most important ‘next lesson’ on your healing journey.

Surrender is more than just letting go of the need to control.   It is through surrender that we come to recognise a force greater than ourselves, a limitless power that is available to us, a Power that heals.  Surrender is the highest form of conscious contact with the Divine.

Almost all of the world’s great religions and spiritual paths practice some form of Surrender: it can be seen as an invitation to turn your will and your life over to your Divine Self, your I Am Presence.

Not so long ago, Surrender meant defeat and brought with it shame and dishonour.  On the healing journey, Surrender means relinquishing egoic control, for in so doing we acknowledge our readiness to heal.

So what would happen if you let go of any egoic need to control any aspect of your life? What feelings arise at the prospect?

For some, surrendering to the feelings of ‘fear of not being in control’ or ‘fear of being abandoned’ or ‘fear of not being good enough’ – in other words by facing your fears and moving through them hand in hand with the Divine – is enough to create enormous shifts.

If you are facing a critical illness, a life crisis, or if you feel the moment has finally come to stop fighting yourself, then be grateful, and practice Surrender.  And if you do nothing else, LET GO AND LET GOD.  For many of us, this oft-repeated phrase has already provided safe passage to the new way of life as fully conscious beings.  If you are coming across this concept for the first time, let it mark a new beginning for your healing and evolution.

The true power of Surrender always changes our lives.

Since you are being drawn to read this then you may wish to pray and affirm:

I surrender my personal will to the Greater Will, the Will of the Divine.

Contrary to what your ego mind may think, if you can do this your personal empowerment will be enormously enhanced. You will be assured of attaining Ascension.

Wonder, reverence, feeling in harmony, surrender

healing runes 2These words (abbreviated) were spoken by Rudolph Steiner in Lecture V of his “The World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit”.  He was describing how through developing these four qualities “in the very highest degree” can one re-establish the original relationship between the higher spiritual nature and the emotional feeling body (he termed this the astral body).

Steiner maintained that without surrender nothing new can be achieved. Simple as that.

Express who you really are, deep within: a beautiful, radiant, confident, serene, and abundant being

If you wish to practice a meditation that will assist you to ‘surrender’ to your Authentic self, the real you, instead of the ‘not-self’ you that attempts to control instead of trust, that prevents you going with the flow, that prevents you following the route home designed by your Soul and I Am Presence, then please download free the following beautiful meditation by ‘Orin’ a Highly evolved spirit being and teacher channelled by Sanaya Roman.