Knowing the Difference Between Fake and Real Psychics and Mediums

Difference Between Fake and Real Psychics and Mediums

Are you trying to find a psychic, but you have questions that make you wonder if you can find one that is real or if they are all fake? Do you have relationship or job problems that make you feel all alone?

If you are having questions that you need to have answered, you might want to find a psychic to talk to, but you might feel afraid that you will be vulnerable to someone that is going to trick you.

There are many people that are psychics that are reliable and if you want to find out if the one that you are meeting is true or if they are fraud, you can figure it out by looking for warning signs.

Ways to Know a Fake Psychic

Here are some signs that can help you know if you are seeing a fake psychic or a real one:


A real psychic should not ask you too many questions. They should only ask you small amounts of questions because they need to not try to scam you or trick you by getting too much information.

A fake psychic will ask you more and more questions about who you are and what you want in your life so that they can give you a fake reading.

Past Life Claims

One of the biggest scams that a fake psychic will do is to tell you false information about your past life. They will tell you things like that you were a king or queen in your past life.

These fake psychics might also tell you that you went through trauma like the Holocaust.

Scaring You

A psychic that is real does not want you to live your life in negativity or in fear, but they want you to be happy and positive. A fake psychic will ask you for more money so that they can give you a better reading and take away the bad reading that you have.

Using fear tactics will cause some people to keep going back to psychics and if this is happening, they are just trying to get more money from you.


Another big sign that you need to pay attention to is that a fake psychic will tell you that you were cursed. A real psychic will never tell you this. This is a big trick and if your psychic tells you that you have to give them more money to get your curse removed, run away from them, and do not go back.

Ask More Questions

Another way to find a fake psychic is that they will ask you more questions so that they can charge you more. Here are some things that they might say to you:

  • I have never seen energy surrounding you like this before.
  • You have problems from your past life, and we can look at these problems so that we can figure out how to fix them.
  • If you want to get your ex back, I can guarantee this will work.
  • You are under a spell, but I can help you to get rid of this.
  • The predictions that I give are never wrong.
  • I see money coming to you.
  • I see love coming to you.
  • You have energy close to you of someone that died that is trying to talk to you.
  • You have a dream or a vision waiting for you.
  • I have seen you in my own dreams.
  • I have a magical spell that will help you to reach your dreams.
  • Someone with the initial “B” is close to you.
  • I got my psychic abilities from my ancestors.

Vague Answers

A fake psychic will not be able to give you real information, but they will always give you vague answers to your questions. They will only give you as much information that they can, and they will always leave you feeling unclear in your answers. Chances are that they will say things such as:

  • You have been anxious a lot lately.
  • You recently lost someone you love.
  • You need a vacation.

They will make statements that are not personal to you but would fit for everyone. A good psychic will give you specific answers and will use their intuition to connect with your spirit guides.

Bad Advice

Another obvious sign that you are talking to a fake psychic is that they will give you advice that does not help you. They will want to make you set up another appointment or they will tell you to approach a stranger. Never do this.

A real psychic will never tell you to give them more money or to talk to a complete stranger.

Things You Want to Hear

A real psychic will tell you whatever information they get, even if they know that you will not want to hear it. A fake psychic will tell you things that you want to hear so that you will come back to them.

These kinds of psychics will keep you happy and vulnerable so you will keep coming back to them over and over again.

Fake psychics will tell you that they know what you are going through, and they will trick you.

Tricks of a Fake Psychic

Make sure that you pay attention to different things that might make you vulnerable to a fake psychic. Never talk to one if you feel these things in your life:

  • Like you feel alone.
  • That you have lost someone you love recently.
  • You have a lot of hard challenges in your love life.
  • You are recently divorced.
  • You are going through financial problems.
  • You are a woman.
  • You feel unattractive.
  • You depend on others for financial help.
  • You feel helpless and hopeless.
  • You feel that you always have to be strong.

A fake psychic will use these things to as a way to make you pay them more money. The best way to seek out a psychic is to find one that has many clients and client reviews. If you are talking to a psychic that you do not know, make sure that you do not call when you are scared or worried because they can hear the inflection in your voice, and this will change their answer for you.

A fake psychic will try to hook you so that you will keep coming back and giving them money.

Good News

The good news is that even though there are many fake psychics, there are many that are real and that they care about their clients and what they tell them.

Just know who you are talking to and pay attention to the psychic that you pick so that you do not get tricked. Make sure that you search online and find a psychic that is trusted. Look at the different psychic networks and call one that seems to know what they are talking about. This can save you money and trouble.

A real psychic is valuable to you and they can help you to know if you are on the right path and help you to answer questions that are worrying you.

The first few readings that you get should be able to tell you if you are talking to a real or a fake psychic and if you notice things that make you feel that they are fake, do not use them again. Always use your own discernment to know what kind of psychic to seek.

You might find that you can find a great psychic if you seek them and you find one that seems honest and real to you.


  1. The advice on avoiding fake psychics is practical, but it also raises questions about the reliability of any psychic readings.

  2. It’s crucial to stay vigilant and discerning when seeking psychic advice, as detailed in the article. Trust but verify.

  3. The warning signs listed are helpful. It’s always good to be cautious and not fall for manipulative tactics.

  4. The article sheds light on various deceitful practices. It’s a good reminder to rely on critical thinking even in areas like psychic readings.

  5. Interesting take on how to discern genuine psychics from frauds. Does anyone have experiences to share about reliable psychics?

  6. The article offers insightful criteria for identifying fake psychics, which could be useful for those seeking genuine guidance.


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