How to Tell if You Met Someone Before in a Previous Life

How to Tell if You Met Someone Before in a Previous Life

Frequently we meet people that we felt like we have known for years.  But how can you tell if this connection is due to a connection from a previous lifetime?  It is common for souls to reincarnate together in subsequent lifetimes to grow their bond and assist each other’s spiritual journey.

When a partnership from a previous lifetime meet the connection can feel intense.  This is because the work done in the previous life is not yet finished and requires a metamorphosis in the current one.  Friendship is the pinnacle of love.  It serves to evolve into the divine expression of God’s boundless love.  Friendship require no expectations and is the free exchange of love energy between hearts.

Discovering true friends is rare indeed.  One can have an array of acquaintances, but in friendships you find true synergy.  Friendship is void of attachment or expectations.  The most harmonious bonds occur when two or more souls seek to become closer to God and Universal wisdom.  Without the base of loving God, the relationship risks developing attachment, which will cause it to remain solely on the plane of human love.

Friendships that span lifetimes will be based upon shared traits of the soul and not earthly qualities like physical attraction.  Only when you meet on a spiritual plane can you both discover lasting joy and fulfillment.  Of course, it is important you and your friends have fun and enjoy life while on Earth.  But you will know you have met in a previous lifetime if you both seek communion with the Divine and a quest to aid Universal wellbeing.  You will notice you spend much time discussing God and spiritual themes.  You may differ on certain avenues to better reach God, but together you will have a focus on strengthen those lines of communication, both better one another and yourselves and God.  You will have mutual respect for one another and treasure your union above everything else.

When you meet people, be mindful and pay attention!  Notice, and honor your initial reactions towards one another.  This is key to recognizing if you have met in previous lifetimes.  It transcends emotion or attraction.  Instead you will have a powerful feeling in your heart chakra of being in true harmony with someone else.  Only when you feel this sensation can you be certain that you met in another lifetime!