When Your Best Friend is Your Soulmate

When Your Best Friend is Your Soulmate

Do you have a best friend that is someone special to you?  Have you been very close to them and knew that deep down it was more than just a normal relationship?  The truth is this person could be your soulmate.

Many people believe that a soulmate has to be a person that we are going to marry, but the truth is, that people will have multiple soulmates throughout their life.  You will meet people along your journey that will be your soulmate and they will be people that come into your life to teach you a lesson.

When you think about your soulmate, these people will be very special to you.  They can be your mom or your best friend, even your lover.  Each of these relationships will be important to you and will impact your life in positive and negative ways.  Sometimes, a soulmate will stay and sometimes they will go, but they will always be a part of you.

Here are some ways you will know if your friendship is deeper than just a friend:


You will know that you are more than friend if you are able to finish what the other person is saying or if you know what they are feeling before they tell you anything.  You will have the ability to sense the feelings of your soulmate and will know these things without them even talking.

There will be times when you will know what is wrong with your soulmate even if they are not with you and you will urge them to call you in your spirit and then they will call you.  This shows how truly connected you are.

Most people do not understand that having a soulmate can be a psychic experience and if you are truly soulmates, you will understand each other as if the other person is you.


When you make a new friend, sometimes it is hard to keep the conversations strong and going.  With a soulmate, the conversation will go on for hours on end.  You will never run out of things to talk about and you will know that your best friend is your soulmate because you will share things with each other that will help to heal each other and to complete each other.

You will be open to your soulmate and there will be nothing that you cannot tell him or her.


When we meet people, we sometimes have a hard time understanding who they are and what they want in life.  With your soulmate, you will understand them completely and you will be on their level in all things.

Even if your soulmate cannot tell you what kind of problem they are having, you will be able to figure it out because you will be so close to each other.

Sense of Humor

Both you and your soulmate will have the same crazy sense of humor that the other has.  You will laugh at things that other people don’t get and you will not even have to talk to know when your soulmate is going to find something funny.

You will feel their energies at all times inside of you.  You will know what they will find funny and you will know what makes him or her mad or annoyed.


When your best friend or soulmate is feeling sad or upset, you will feel these feelings too.  You want what is best for them and you will do what you can to get these things for them.  You will be angry when someone hurts them or causes them pain.

With your soulmate, when they feel pain, you will feel it too.  You will feel their sadness and their emotions.  When they cry, you will cry, when they feel hopeless, you will feel hopeless.  Everything that happens in their life you will feel.  You will not feel better until your soulmate is better.


Having a soulmate is a much stronger relationship than just having a best friend.  You will know that you have met your soulmate when you experience a closeness that you have found with no one else.