How to Develop Natural Clair Abilities

How to Develop Natural Clair Abilities

Everyone is born with some natural clair abilities, whether they realize it or not. The problem is most don’t understand how to use these natural abilities and rarely ever try to develop them. For many, clair abilities are something of soothsayers and fortune-tellers along a boardwalk.

Clair abilities follow our natural senses and some are more gifted in one particular type while others may have several. Four of the most recognized abilities are clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

Many people recognize the word clairvoyance, which translates to “clear seeing” but most don’t understand it. This is when a person has visions and images appear in their mind through the third eye chakra. It is the most widely used of the psychic abilities and is relatively easy to develop.

You can enhance clairvoyance abilities through meditation and by practicing visualization. You can look at abstract artwork to see details you would otherwise miss and similar visual puzzles that enhance your focus.

Claircognizance means “clear knowing.” Typically, this ability doesn’t operate alone and usually works with others as a way of confirming the knowledge. Because it works alongside other clair abilities, this ability is best developed after you have developed the others.

People who have claircognizance get “downloads” of information from seemingly nowhere. The information is correct and can be proven correct. In religious circles, those who have these abilities are called prophets because they can know things that others do not.

Developing this trait can be fun. You can try guessing who is calling before looking at the caller id. You can try the old game of using a regular deck of playing cards to guess which card is laid down. As your guessing becomes more accurate, your confidence will grow and then your claircognizance will also grow.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear clearly and is widely used by psychics where the spirit world communicates with them. It could be an actual sound or a whisper in the mind.

This ability can be enhanced through meditation. It is important to clear your mind and have a quiet area where you can hear without distractions. Another way to enhance these abilities is to listen to different music at different volumes. This can soften your hearing and open up your clairaudience ability.

Clairsentience is the ability most are familiar with because it is a clear feeling. It is the “gut instinct” many people experience. All empaths have this ability and are highly unestimated. It is the ability to pick up on other’s feelings, sense spirits, or the energies of space.

You must connect with your physical body to develop this ability. You must be aware of how your body naturally reacts in certain situations and what those reactions could mean. Gut instincts, dizziness, headaches, or body pains associated with a certain person or place is proof your clairsentience is working.

Testing this ability is easy and can be fun. You can tour an old historic place without looking at the history first to see if you feel anything about its past. Note how your body reacts and check out the history to see how accurate you were when you’re done.

Developing these abilities is like playing games with yourself. They can be fun and easy and soon you will notice some small improvements in all of these abilities. You may never reach psychic levels, but enhancing your natural ability helps you in all your future interactions and decisions.