Gaining Intuition

Gaining Intuition

When you wonder what decisions that you should make, you get advice from people, books, friends, family members and others and sometimes you forget to think about what your own intuition is telling you.

Your subconscious mind is telling you that you need to move a certain direction and that you need to listen to yourself.  Having a psychic gift of being intuitive is important and if you are thinking about your gifts, you should always consider this as a very important gift.

Imagine that you have been sitting around thinking about someone that you love and then all of a sudden, the phone rings and it is exactly who you are thinking about.  This is the gift of intuition and it is where you can have a memory type situation and you use your mental thinking to be successful and to know what is happening in the world.

There are ways that you can develop your intuition and here are some ways:

Recognize It

You need to learn to recognize when your intuition is speaking to you.  This is not normally a very strong voice or noise, but it is a very quiet and subtle noise.  This can also come as a visual image or a message or a flash that goes through your vision.

You have an intuition that will speak to you through a thought and you might even be able to talk to your intuition.  You might be able to have a physical thing that accompanies this such as goosebumps or the hair on the back of your neck standing up.

You might have strong emotions that can also be a way that your intuition speaks through you.  You may get a feeling of love and peace can be guided down a path that will give you joy and peace.

When you have a strong intuitive message, you will have a strong knowing on something.


When you want to access your psychic gifts, especially intuition, you need to learn to meditate.  Having regular meditation will help you to clear your mind from the world’s distraction and will help you to recognize what you want in your life.

Meditate on your own or find a video or a book to follow.  This does not have to be a long meditation and there is no real way to do meditation.  You can notice things that come to your mind when you meditate.

Dedicate Time

When life is hard and busy it is easy to forget to take time to talk to your spirit guides.  Make sure that you take time to do this and that you do it multiple times a day.  Do not make a split decision but look at yourself and choose which path you want to take, after spending time with your spiritual self.


Do not hesitate to ask your intuition for guidance.  Be specific about the information that you are wanting to find out and make sure that you ask questions that will give you answers.


Take time to write down your messages and what actions you will take in life.  There are different things you will hear, and you need to practice making sure that you listen and write things down.  Things can be clear over time.

Take Action

The universe loves you and wants you to listen to your intuition.  When you get information from your inner self and you listen to it, you leave a place for the spirit guides and the universe to know that you are listening and that you have a passion to be strong in the spirit world.


When you have more faith, you will have more answers.  If you want to make good decisions, figure out how to achieve your goals and do this by listening to your intuition.

Listen to what your wisdom gives you and what your heart is saying to you.

Developing It

You need to make sure that you develop your gift of intuition.  Do not do things where you come to a point where you cannot trust yourself but get rid of your self-doubt and do not cast judgement or blame on yourself.

Allow your intuition to help you and to lay a role in your life.  Have one on one with your spirit guides and if you need to talk to a mentor, find one that will help you to reach a higher level in your intuition.  Talk to yourself and see what path you should follow in your life.