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Using Runes for Divination


One of the most popular tools of divination are the runes. You can use your intuition to guide you to use these runes. The runes are part of an ancient alphabet that once was known in Germany and in different tribes around Europe. Runes are also part of Norse mythology, and they are a way to study the German language.

There are different runic alphabets but the most popular is the Elder Futhark and it uses 24 different symbols, and they are divided into groups of 8, three of them. The oldest writing of the runes is around 150 A.D.

What Do The Runes Look Like?

The runes will look similar, and they are used in order to tell the future and for other purposes. The runes will have a single symbol that is etched into the stones. These can be laid out like cards and can answer questions that you have about the past, present and the future.

Kinds of Runes

Runes have three different things connected to them including an action, a phonetic sound, and an esoteric meaning. With these three things, the runes are used to give answers, and this is a tool of divination that is used since Germanic mythology.

What Do the Runes Mean?

The runes use a different language, but it is something that you can learn to read. This will work even better for you if you tune into your intuition. Runes are normally made of glass, stones, wood, bone, ceramic, gemstones, or even regular stones. You can really find runes made of different materials and this doesn’t matter but has to do more with what you prefer. Listen to your intuition as you find runes that you connect with.

Some psychics will make their own runes and they will use their energy to make this happen. It can take years to really become a master of runes and rune stones are there to help people get answers to their problems and questions.

Casting Runes

Rune casting is when you put the stones on a cloth and you face them towards the East and West, where the sun is. The runes will fall a certain way and the ones that are facing up are the ones that are read one way but if they are facing down then they are read another way.

Reading a Rune Daily

Just like in tarot card readings, the runes have a spread. You can do this each day in order to answers questions and get details. You can also do this to practice so that you can understand the runes better.

As you learn to do rune reading, you will get answers to the questions that you have. This works just like any other tool of divination practice. You need to take time to focus on your breathing, meditate and make sure that you are connected to the runes. Let your spirit guides help you with this and then always thank them for helping you.

Put all the runes in a bag and mix them up. Use your dominate hand and then pull one out. This stone should give you an answer to the question that you asked for the day. If you aren’t sure what the rune means or how its answering your question, you can pull another one out of the bag.

If you still don’t have the answer that you need, reshuffle the runes before you try picking another one out of the bag.

Three Rune Spread

This spread is harder than the single rune reading but if you want to have more answers to your question then these runes can help. Since it is three, it represents the past, present and the future. The stone that tells you about the past will tell you about things that happened and things that are related to you including people and events. This can answer your question.

The present will offer a clear path for you and what you are going through right now. The future stone will tell you where your life is leading you.

You can also draw three runes when you have a problem that you need answers to. This can be something that you are facing, and you need a solution to the problem.

As you learn the runes and what they mean, you will see that you can develop a relationship with the stones. These will give you meanings and will help you to understand what is going on in your life. The runes are easy to learn, and they only have one meaning per stone.

Caring for Your Stones

You need to make sure that you are keeping your runes cleansed and safe as you use them for your readings. Cleansing your stones and charging them is important, especially if you are using them every day.

There are different ways that you can cleanse your stones such as putting them in the moonlight for 24 hours, smudging, purifying, or using herbs. Runes can also be washed in natural water sources such as rivers or streams. Don’t ever use tap water to wash your runes but only water sources.

If you need to know more about your future and you aren’t sure about rune reading still, talk to a psychic and get the answers that you need.

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Learn How to Read Runes

Read Runes

Rune reading is something that has become popular with those that are looking to tell the future. It is a popular tool of divination like the tarot cards and crystal ball reading. But many don’t understand the idea behind reading runes.

When you want to read runes, it is important to know what the runes mean and how they can help you and others.

Understanding Runes

Runes are part of an ancient alphabet, and they were used in the Nordic and Viking cultures in the past.  There are different types of runes but the most popular are the Elder Futhark where each of the stone has a Futhark character and are simple to read.

The runes have been around since 150 A.D., and they have been used to spread wisdom and to help people to understand their lives better. The important thing about this practice is learning to interpret the runes. Someone that is good at interpreting runes doesn’t use the meanings everyone else gives but they come up with their own.

Reading Runes

You need to either make your own runes or you can buy them. Some runes are made out of stones while others are made out of wood or even crystals. You should use your intuition to guide you when you want to pick the right runes for you.

It is important to never buy runes that are made out of animal bones because this would be against the law of nature. Once you have your runes, you need to hold them in your hand and think of a question that you want to ask. Then, reach into the bag and pull out 1, 2 or even 3 runes.

The runes can give you insight on your life and you can ask yes or no questions. Make sure that you set your intentions and that you have your question deep in your mind before you begin. You can lay the runes out to represent things such as your past, present or future.

Each rune will have a different meaning and if you have them face down then you can read them like that and you can choose to do reversed readings or not choose to do reversed. The reversed means that the runes land upside down.

Rune Layouts

There are different kinds of rune layouts and here is a breakdown of the three-rune layout:

  • Rune 1: This means that you have a question or a situation that you need to know something about.
  • Rune 2: This means challenges that you are facing and what you need to avoid.
  • Rune 3: Represents what you are going to do to make your situation better and what you need to let go of.

5 Rune Layout

This layout will have a stone in the middle. It goes rune 2 on the left, rune 3 above the stone that is you stone, rune 4 goes under the you stone and rune 5 goes to the right of the you stone.

The stones will tell a story of the past, which is the stone on the left, the recent past, which is the stone on the bottom, the future ideas, which is the top stone, and the future happenings are the stones on the far right.

This spread will look like an equilateral cross when laid out.

9 Rune Layout

This layout is one that requires more space. The outer part of the runes will mean lesser things and the middle will be more meaningful than the others. This is a life layout, and you can interpret these the way that your intuition tells you.

Single Rune Castings

You can start with one rune at a time, and you can ask your question and then pull one rune out of the bag. What does this mean for you and your situation?

Interpreting Runes

This is the hard part of rune reading. You need to meditate and be serious when you decide to interpret the runes. You can see that the runes will represent things in your life. Drawing one single rune is called the Mannaz. This rune will represent who you are and yourself.

You can’t just ask what will satisfy yourself, but you need to have more than one single word when you ask questions so that you can get real meanings.


This is a word that means self, individual or attitude. This can also mean things such as:

• Friendships.
• Relationships.
• Enemies.
• Divine order.
• Intelligence.
• Creativity.
• Attitudes.
• Enemies.
• Blindness.
• Self-delusion.
• Getting no help.
• Depression.

Understanding the Rune Reading

If you have information that comes to you then you need to be able to read between the lines to interpret it. When the Mannaz comes up, it can mean that you need to focus on what you are doing and get rid of things in your life like addictive behaviors.

If you are doing a classic cast, you can look online and find out what the interpretations are that you find. As you learn the meanings of the stones and you get better, you can do your own interpretations.

Elaborate on what you think that the stones mean and how they affect you. You might not get it right all the time but if you keep practicing then you will get better.

Rune Sigil

This is the way that the runes flow and it can mean:

  • Fehu: Possessions you have.
  • Uruz: Having strength and courage.
  • Thurisaz: A gateway.
  • Ansuz: Picking up signals.
  • Raidho: Your spiritual journey.
  • Kenaz: An opening.
  • Gebo: Being in partnership.
  • Wunjo: Having happiness.
  • Hagalaz: Disruption of life.
  • Naudhiz: Constraining yourself.
  • Isa: Being still.
  • Jera: In the harvest.
  • Ehwaz: Being defensive.
  • Perthro: Initiation.
  • Sowilo: Being whole.
  • Tiwaz: A warrior.
  • Berkano: Going through growth.
  • Ehwaz: Moving.
  • Mannaz: Self.
  • Laguz: The flow.
  • Inqwaz: Being fertile.
  • Dagaz: Having a breakthrough.
  • Othala: Separating.
  • Odin’s Stone: Blank stone that means that there is no answer now.

Finding Runes

You can make your own runes, or you can look online. You might be able to find a store that sells these as well. There are 25 different runes which is one of them being blank or Odin’s stone.

Information on Runes

There are different books and online articles that you can find about runes. Do whatever you feel is right when you are looking to become a rune reader.

Using Runes as Tools of Divination

Using Runes

Rune reading is one of the main tools that psychics use as a tool of divination. The rune tones are from ancient times, and they date back to the 1st century A.D. The runic alphabet has 24 letters, and they are made out of wood or stone for writing and fortune telling.

The alphabet became whole after Elder Futhark made it to have the right amount of letters in the 5th century A.D. and is often used today. It was used often by Nordic tribes and Vikings, and some believe it is based off of Old Latin.

The history of the runes is very exciting and magical, and it has been used in different cultures across the world. Some believe that the runes hold a special power of magic, and they take the idea of runes reading seriously in their lives.

Runes are even used today by psychics and by those that want to connect with their higher being. They help to increase intuition and can be used to tell the future. You can even learn to read runes on your own.

What Do Runes Mean?

There are 24 letters in the runes, and some have a blank tile that is called an Odin. This is one that is unknown. It is called Odin after the Norse God who gave up his eye so that he could see everything that was happening in the world around him. Therefore, if this rune is drawn it means that things haven’t happened yet and there will be divine timing.

The alphabet is split in 3 parts of 8 runes each. They tell a cycle where the first set represents the material plane and the possessions of the world. This can mean things that bring people wealth like cattle did in the older times.

The second set of runes mean growth and becoming mature and whatever kinds of challenges that you will face in your life.

The third set of runes means your spiritual self-including birth, spiritual gifts, and community. Since this is an ancient language that has been around for years, some have interpreted it on their own while others have taken it literal.

The three sets of runes are broken down as:

  • Freyr’s Aett.
  • Heimdall’s Aett.
  • Tyr’s Aett.

Freyr’s Aett

This is the ruler of fertility and peace and is the son of the sea god called Njord. He also controls the weather such as the rain and the sun.

Rune 1: Fehu

This set means wealth and it shows the material things and the wealth that people have. It can base around financial success and around the success that people have socially. While some read the runes reversed, others believe that they only have one meaning. If the reversed rune is read as reversed though it can mean things such as:

  • Loss of income.
  • Loss of self-esteem.
  • Materialism struggles.

Otherwise, the runes in this set normally mean things such as:

• Hope.
• Luck.
• Prosperity.
• Wealth.
• Abundance.
• Good fortune.

Rune 2: Uruz

This is the second stone, and it means wild bull. This stone can mean things such as:

• Enduring.
• Determination.
• Motivation.
• Working hard.
• Strength.
• Motivation.
• Perseverance.

This stone can mean that the person has strong energy and that they are able to get things done fast. They have strong power, and it is a masculine energy.

If you read this reversed, it can mean:

  • Being overly dominating.
  • Having a challenge.
  • Blockages.
  • Force that is not directed well.

Rune 3: Thurisaz

This rune is the idea behind the giant hammer that Thor has. This also can mean things such as:

• Defiance.
• Destruction.
• Force.
• Powerful energies.
• Cleansing.
• Getting rid of negativity.
• Purging.

When this rune is reversed it can mean things such as:

  • Betraying of others.
  • Compulsive decisions.
  • Defenselessness.
  • Being in spite of others.

Rune 4: Ansuz

This rune is a communication rune and represents Odin and his wisdom. This can mean that you are going to get a divine message and that if you listen to the advice that others give you then it can benefit you. It can also mean:

• Wisdom.
• Advice.
• Truth.
• Being inspired.
• Excitement or enthusiasm.

If this rune is reversed it can mean:

• Manipulation.
• Deceit.
• Unable to communicate well.
• Not understanding things around you.

Rune 5: Raidho

This stone can mean being on a journey. It shows a wheel that can mean something physical like traveling or it can mean being on a spiritual journey. It can also mean things such as:

  • Changing your perspective.
  • Evolving.
  • Going through the circle of life.

When this rune is reversed it can mean:

  • Being on a path that is closed or blocked.
  • Not able to go on your journey because something is stopping you.

Rune 6: Kenaz

This is a rune that means fire, flame, or torch. This represents finding the truth in your life and letting the light inside of you shine. It can also mean that you have been in a place that you weren’t sure about but now it is coming out what it means and meant for you. It also can mean:

  • Secrets are going to come out.
  • You are on the right path in your life.
  • You are finding your life calling.
  • Knowledge.
  • Being creative.
  • Inspired.
  • Having energy to recharge.

If reversed, this stone can mean:

  • You aren’t able to be creative.
  • You have hope that will get you nowhere.
  • Falseness.
  • Unstable.
  • Having no vision.

Rune 7: Gebo

This rune means gifts and is a positive rune. It can mean that you have many talents and blessings that have been given to you. It can also mean:

  • Being generous.
  • Having strong balance.
  • Being in good relationships.

There is no reversed meaning.

Rune 8: Wunjo

This rune can mean to have joy and to be triumphant and victorious. It also can mean:

  • You belong.
  • To celebrate.
  • Having security and safety.
  • You are in harmony.
  • Prosperity.
  • Getting reward in your spiritual self.

If reversed, this rune can mean:

• Sorrow.
• Loss.

Heimdall’s Aett

This is represented of Heimdall who was in Norse mythology. He is the one that watches the gods.

Rune 9: Hagalaz

This rune can mean hail as a disaster that comes to destroy things such as crops, or land and it can also mean that a change is coming out of nowhere that isn’t good. This is a rune that means that there is change that you cannot stop but that it is going to be destructive. The only way to win through this is to handle these problems with grace.

The storms that come to you will teach you a lesson of how hard things can be but also that you can grow and move forward even after disaster strikes.

There is no reverse meaning.

Rune 10: Nauthiz

This rune means that you have needs that make you feel that you have lived a good life. It can mean that you need to take time to rest and have fun so that you can be balanced.

When this rune is pulled, it means that you need to see what you are lacking in self-care and change it. You can’t help others if you are empty. It also can mean:

  • Lacking.
  • Having delays.
  • Not able to do what you want.
  • To be patient.

Rune 11: Isa

Isa means ice and it is a time that you need to wait. Even if you are stuck, you need to look at things form a different point of view. Wait until you have all of the information, and you know the whole story you can wait for the universe to change.

This can also mean:

  • Being frustrated.
  • Having blocks on your mental state.

Rune 12: Jera

This represents a harvest. It means to have plenty and if you feel that you are lacking then something good is about to happen. You need to be happy and thankful for what you do have and then you will see more come.

This also can represent:

  • Mother nature.
  • The cycle of life.

This card cannot be reversed.

Rune 13: Eihwaz

This is a rune that means ash tree. It represents the Tree of Life and the cycle of life. This can also mean:

  • Divine protection.
  • Wisdom.
  • Being enlightened.
  • Having purpose.
  • Connection to the worlds.

Rune 14: Perthro

This stone means destiny and fortune. It is a gambler’s rune. It can mean that there are influences that will come to your life and then you have to take a chance. This can be something that goes well or goes bad. You need to be able to take the lesson that you are learning and the things that have happened in your life and learn to make it good. It can also mean:

  • Hidden things.
  • Secrets.
  • Changes
  • Symbolizes the womb.

If reversed this can mean:

  • Having no faith.
  • Going through loss.

Rune 15: Algiz

This rune means to be protected and defensive. It can mean that you have the power inside of you to manifest what you want and while you do this, your spirit guides are there to protect you.

This is a protecting rune and is going to keep you safe from evil. It can also mean:

  • Reaching your awakening.
  • Having strong intuition.

When reversed this can mean:

  • A warning sign.
  • Being helpless.

Rune 16: Sowilo

This is a good rune and means the sun. It represents having things such as:

• Luck.
• Abundance.
• Happiness.
• Good fortune.

When you get this rune, it means that you need to celebrate because you have reached your goals and you are doing great. It can also mean that you have great health and elemental powers.

This stone has no reversed meaning.

Tyr’s Aett

This is represented of the Sky god that works to have justice and war.

Rune 17: Tiwaz

This rune means an arrowhead of the god Tyr. It shows that you can work through all of your troubles and that you are a great leader, and you are kind, rational and authoritative. It can mean that you are victorious and that you have great knowledge and strengths, but you are willing to sacrifice who you are if you need to.

If reversed it can mean:

  • Creative blockages.
  • Unbalanced.
  • Having no passion.

Rune 18: Berkana

This is the rune that means birth and represents the goddess, Birch. It can mean fertility and having creation. It doesn’t mean real birth but a rebirth or a partnership that is new. It can mean that you are growing in your mental and physical self and that your spirit wants to be free.

When reversed, this can mean:

• Stress.
• Anxiety.
• No control.

Rune 19: Ehwaz

This is representative of a horse. It can mean that there is someone that you can trust by your side. It means having change and being able to move forward. It can also mean making slow progress. This rune also means:

• Being a team player.
• Trusting.
• Loyalty.

When reversed this rune can mean:

  • Having no trust.
  • Being restless.
  • In disharmony with others.

Rune 20: Mannaz

This represents humanity and how man works. It shows who you are and what your true identity is. It can represent the relationships that you have with other people. This can also mean:

• Social order.
• Values.
• Morals.
• Cooperating.

If reversed this rune can mean:

  • Manipulating others.
  • Being isolated.
  • Self-delusion.

Rune 21: Laguz

This represents water and is part of your intuition, dreams, goals, and emotions. It shows that you can have healing power and that you have strong psychic gifts. It can also mean that now is a time to reveal secrets and to renew your thoughts and your life. There are secrets in the underworld that can be shown to you in this stone.

When reversed it can mean:

  • Being disconnected from your spiritual self.
  • Misjudging yourself and others.
  • Fearful.

Rune 22: Inqwaz

This is a fertility rune, and it represents Ing, the Earth god. It works with:

• Fertility.
• Wellbeing.
• Anecestors.
• Family.
• Getting things completed.
• Family lineage.

There is no reversed meanings.

Rune 23: Othala

This means inheriting things and leaving a legacy behind. It can mean that you know what your values are and that you find them important. It also means being prosperous and having values that were inherited to you.

In reverse, this can mean:

  • Having issues.
  • Being prejudice.

Rune 24: Dagaz

This is the rune of dawn and means that you are ending a cycle that you have been in. It can also show that the coming of age is happening and you are going to go through new things and have breakthroughs that you have been waiting on. It represents things such as:

• Starting fresh.
• Hope.
• Certainty.
• Being secure.
• Having good times.
• Good changes.
• Completion.

There is no reversed meaning.

Rune 25: Odin’s Rune

This is the optional rune that not everyone uses. It is blank and can mean that the answer isn’t there for you yet and you have to wait for it to come. This means:

  • Hidden secrets.
  • Not knowing things.
  • The unknown.
  • Mysteries.

Casting a Rune

Runes are ways that you can reach your intuition. You can pull one rune and see if it is a yes or no and you can do this each day for three days. You can also do runes like tarot card readings and represent the past, present and the future. Spreads can also mean situations, actions and outcomes that are going to happen.

Runes normally are cast at 3 at a time or in an odd number. Some will do 5 while others will do 7 or 9. Some even will use 24 runes and lay them out.

There are two main ways to cast runes, some are thrown onto a piece of fabric and the only ones that are counted are the ones that are facing upwards. Or you can hold the pouch that you keep the runes in and use your dominate hand to reach into the bag. Ask a question that you want to be answered and when you pull out the rune, take your answer.

Runes are popular and they are written in wood or stones, mostly. You can purchase your own set of runes, or you can make your own.

Rune Layouts

Here are some of the most popular rune layouts:

  • 5-Rune: This is one on the bottom that is the question, the one on the left means the problem, the one on top means the good influences, the one on the right means an immediate answer and the middle one means influences of the question in the future.
  • 7-Rune: This one is laid out in a v-format. The one on the top left means the past, the second from the left means the question, third form the left means actions in the future, the center bottom means action that need to be taken now, the rune on the right of the center shows the emotions tied with this question, the second from the top right means the problem and the top right shows the future outcome.

24 Rune Layout

They are put in a 3×8 grid, and the row starts at the top from right to left:

  • Rune 1: How to get money this year.
  • Rune 2: How to get better physical health.
  • Rune 3: How to get defense or destruction.
  • Rune 4: How to get wise.
  • Rune 5: Where your life path is going.
  • Rune 6: What you will learn in the future.
  • Rune 7: How to get your spiritual gifts.
  • Rune 8: How to have peace and joy.

Second row from right to left:

  • Rune 1: Future changes.
  • Rune 2: How you can reach your goals.
  • Rune 3: The challenges you will face.
  • Rune 4: What you will achieve and be successful at.
  • Rune 5: The challenges you have to have.
  • Rune 6: Your strong inner skills.
  • Rune 7: The situations going on in your life.
  • Rune 8: What energy is guiding you.

Third row from the right to the left:

  • Rune 1: The business affairs you are facing.
  • Rune 2: How you will grow.
  • Rune 3: The relationships you form.
  • Rune 4: The social status you have.
  • Rune 5: Your emotional state.
  • Rune 6: Your romantic situation.
  • Rune 7: How you will become balanced.
  • Rune 8: What assets you will gain.

Each of the runes have different meanings and how you interpret them is up to you. Use your intuition to guide you and try the rune stones. Find more online about what the runes mean, or you can use your own gifts to figure it out.

Opening Your Root Chakra

Opening Your Root Chakra

Chakras are energy centers in your body and if you know anything about them, you know that they can become blocked. When this happens, you need to look at why your energy system is blocked and fix it.

Any chakra can get blocked or become imbalanced and as this happens, you have to fix it. Your root chakra is one of the seven chakras that are found in the body, and this is part of your energy. The energy on your outside is the aura and then the inside of your body from your spine to your head is where the chakras run.

The root chakra is found at the perineum and goes through the legs and to the feet. This is the first chakra, and it helps you to have energy that keeps you grounded and secure. It is important to make sure that your aura is activated and developed and that it isn’t blocked.

Energy that comes into your body can help you in your mind, body, and soul. The root chakra can help you to feel more confident and help you to know who you are. It can also make you feel secure in life.

People that have blocked root chakras often have a hard time having good self-esteem and they are full of shame, hate and hurt. This can come from different things such as a broken heart or some kind of trauma. When this is balanced and stable, shame can decrease, and self-esteem can build.

You can talk to a reiki master, and you will see that they can help you to balance your chakras. Your root chakra can be healed, and you can do different sessions that will help to make this happen. Talking to a reiki practitioner can improve your chakras in one session or more.

Opening the Root Chakra

Here are some ways that you can open your root chakra:

  • Set your intentions that you want to open your root chakra. Tell your root chakra to start healing.
  • Use visualization to lead you to different breathing exercises that can help you to open your root chakra and to get rid of negative energies that is keeping you stuck.
  • Put a metal spoon on your foot so that you can get the energy flowing again. Rub the spoon on your heel and your foot and let the root chakra open.
  • Use crystals that are good for grounding such as onyx, black tourmaline, red jasper, hematite, red agate and other red or black stones.
  • Use essential oils that can ground you by putting a couple of drops in your bath.
  • Go out in nature and sit in the dirt, hug a tree, walk in the sand, or play in the dirt. Let nature rub into your skin and open up your root chakra.
  • Use positive affirmations to give yourself self-care. Get rid of negative thoughts by speaking positive things.

Final Thoughts

Having a strong root chakra is important to help you feel healthy and strong. Make sure that you are treating yourself with love and care and that you aren’t bullying or putting yourself down. As you raise your own vibrations, you will see that your chakras can become unblocked, and they can become unstuck.

Keep your chakras strong and you will have a healthy mind, body, and soul. Practice today to better your life.

Why Some People Aren’t Satisfied

Why Some People Aren’t Satisfied

Do you feel that the biggest accomplishment in your life is now something that is ordinary? You no longer feel as excited as you used to once you achieve things. Do you wonder why this happens? 

Most people aren’t satisfied with the things that they have or what they do but here are ways that they can be:

Try New Things

The brain loves to try things that are new. When we get something new like a car or a house, clothes or even a new hairdo, our brain gets excited. It wants you to try things that are new and that you have never done before.

Sometimes we want to do things that we love to do over and over again but if you try and set new goals and do new things, you will be more satisfied.


If your expectations are too high, it could cause you to not be happy. You have to stop waiting for something good to happen and stop waiting to be perfect. If you are waiting too long to meet your expectations, you will give up or get depressed about it.

Stop setting expectations that are too high and learn to set expectations that you can set and then reach.

Being Thankful

We don’t always appreciate and have thanks for things we have. We want to have more and more but we don’t take time to see what is good in front of us.

We need to learn to be thankful for everything and to appreciate what is ours. We don’t want to wait to see what is valuable after we lose it, but we need to see value now.

Humans Aren’t Made to Be Satisfied

Humans aren’t made to be satisfied because it isn’t in our blood. We were taught to work hard, and we have desires that never end. We always want to have more and more.

We Think There is Something Better

We often think that something is better than what we have. We aren’t satisfied because we want to have something different. Sometimes we feel that someone has more and better things than we have, and we want that.

If we want to feel satisfied, we think that we have to have everything that we want until we can’t want anymore. This is something that is not possible.


If someone is completely satisfied, then they will never be motivated to do better. By being unsatisfied with ourselves, we learn to work harder and to work to reach our goals.

When we feel that we have everything we want and need, we will never take action to keep pushing and being better. Everyone needs to have things to strive for.

Understanding Your Spirit Guide

Understanding Your Spirit Guide

Have you ever been in a situation, but you weren’t sure what the best choice of action was? Then out of nowhere, you just seemed to know what to do? This isn’t something that you made up, in fact, it is your spirit guides that are there to guide you and to keep you safe.

Your Spirit Guides

A spirit guide is someone that comes to us in a spiritual way and will guide us. They are real spirits that can live inside of people that are kind such as teachers, doctors or nurses or they can even be spirit animals. Some are spirits that come and help us to see the truth and to give us signs.

These guides are there to protect us and keep us safe from the decisions that we make.

Kinds of Spirit Guides

There are different kinds of spirit guides, and you might wonder who your guide is and what they look like. You can find out things about them by paying attention to the signs they give you. Let them teach you along the way.

Ancestral Spirit Guides

An ancestral spirit guide is one that you have met in your life at some point. This can be a relative, friend or even a pet that you had. They are there to guide you and to protect you. You can talk to them just like you do someone that you live with.

Angel Spirit Guides

Angel spirit guides are angels that come to help you in different ways. They can show themselves in a different form and they are there to make sure that you are strong and that you are living a good life.

These are divine beings and many of them have specific jobs. Michael for example, he is one that is there to protect you and to heal people. You can call on him when you need help.

Sometimes your guardian angels will also be your spirit guides. Even though they were created for a different purpose, your angels will sometimes play both roles. The angels will be able to speak into the spirit world and they will do things to protect you while you walk through life.

Animal Guides

An animal guide or a spirit animal is one that is there to connect with you. They will guide you and they will show you the good things about your life. You might feel like you need help in things such as your job or in your relationship and if an animal keeps showing up, this can be your guide.

If your guide is a white eagle, this can be a separate spirit animal that is meant to show you something new. Even if you cannot see them, they have strong power and strong wisdom. They are very still and will show up right at the perfect time.

Human Spirit Guide

A human spirit guide is someone that comes along to help you while on earth. They might be someone that is a psychic or a healer. These people are there to show you the right path and to lead you through a good life. They will work with different tools and do different things. You can find these guides through communities or even online.

Another group of human spirit guides are people that are from Buddhism or Hinduism. These people are there to show you the right way to live so that you can have a beautiful life.

Bhagavan Das Guides

These guides are an American spirit guide, and it is called Ram Das. This is based on the Buddhist and the Hindu religion and is part of the Indian ancestry. He is known to sing and to write things.

Who Do I Have as My Guide?

People have many guides throughout their life, and you might have multiple at the same time. Some are your ancestors that are looking to make sure you’re safe and others might be your angel guides that are there to lead you down the right path. No matter what guides you have, you have had some kind of guide since you were born.

There are some guides that will come for a short period of time while others are there to stay for a long time. Some want to teach you life lessons and others are there just to help you make it through your day.

Talking to Your Spirit Guides

You can talk to your spirit guides just as you do someone you are close to. You don’t even have to go out of your way to find them because they are right with you.

Getting Signs

You can ask your spirit guides to give you some signs that they are there. This can be anything from a breeze, chill bumps, pictures on a wall or even a song. They will come to you and teach you. Sometimes you might even hear your guides saying your name or you might see them out of the corner of your eye.

Your guides will come to you to give you wisdom and when they really want to get your attention, they might knock a book over or appear to you in some kind of way. They will always try to get your attention when they need to.

Asking Questions

You can talk to your spirit guides and ask them anything you want. You can talk to them and ask them how they are doing. They want you to talk to them.

Whenever you need help, your guides are there for you. You need to ask them to help you and to guide you. They will not do this unless you ask them and tell them that you need them. They will not overstep their boundaries and you have to make sure that you show them that you want them with you.


You can use crystals to connect with your spirit guides. When you do this, it can help you to communicate with them on a different angle. You can use crystals such as the amethyst to help you to get your thoughts across.

Oracle Cards

Another way to connect with your spirit guide is through oracle cards. You can use these cards as you ask questions, and it can help you to find your answer. You can ask for a sign and you can ask for guidance as you put the cards in a layout. Let them show you the path that you need to go on.


Another great way to talk to your guides is through meditation. This is a time where you can quiet your mind and listen better. Ask your guides to come to you when you are meditating. They might even come to you as a dream.

You can talk to your guides, and they will teach you. Let them send you messages and soak in their energies. You can do this anywhere that you are but being in nature might open up things better for you.

Does Everyone Have Spirit Guides?

Everyone has some kind of spirit guide that is with them, even if they don’t know. Sometimes the guides are there on a regular basis and sometimes different guides will come. As we grow and learn, we can see who is with us.

Are Spirit Guides Real?

Believing in a spirit guide is up to you. You might wonder if your guide is real and if they really are there to help you. Give them a chance and open up your heart to the world around you. Find out what you really believe in!

What are Runes and How to Use Them?


People that are into psychic readings might be interested in runes. Rune stones are from the ancient times, and they were used by the Nordic and Germanic tribes in Europe. This is an alphabet that was used for writing, but it was also used to tell the future. The runes are referred to the oldest German alphabet or the Elder Futhark. There are 24 runes and symbols, and they date back to the 1600’s or earlier. There have been different changes to the runes as time has gone on, but people feel that the runes have powers.

The runes have been engraved as far back as 200 AD and they were put on pottery and weapons. Some see these on stones that are smooth and that is how most people see them today.

Why Use Runes?

Runes are used today in the psychic world it give people direction when they don’t know what to do. The runes are meant to take energy from nature and give information about the future. This is a prophetic ritual just like the tarot cards and other tools of divination. This doesn’t give definite answers but will give you insight about things when you ask questions. You always have to figure things out beyond your questions.

Runes are used to give you information and they can often be overlooked. There are hints that the runes will give you, but you have to use freewill to make things really happen.

How Runes Work

There is no real answer as to how the runes work but people believe that the runes will align with your spirit and will give you answers to questions that you don’t know.

When someone casts the rune stones, they are able to take their mind and ask questions and then the answer will become clear.


Here are some of the runes and what they mean:

  • Uruz: This is an external being and can mean victory in something that is going on in your life.
  • Thurisaz: This rune can mean that you will have problems that come in your life, but you need to be the better person.
  • Ansuz: This rune can mean that you will have positive things coming in your life and you will have good luck.
  • Raidho: This is a rune that will help you find your goals and you need to pay attention to the opportunities that come.
  • Kenaz: This is a rune that will help you have more knowledge and be aware of what is going on in your life.
  • Gebo: This brings harmony and peace in your life and will be based on how you treat others.
  • Wunjo: This rune means to stay grounded when times are hard.
  • Hagalaz: This stone is a harmful stone but can also mean that you will learn new things.
  • Naudihiz: This rune will show you what you need and what you want.
  • Isaz: This means frozen and not able to move forward in a situation.
  • Jera: This indicates that you are not certain in life.
  • Eihwaz: This is a manifesting rune and encourages you to manifest things that are good for you.
  • Perthro: This means good luck and can be positive and negative.
  • Algiz: This stone can mean you need to make good changes in your life and stay in control.
  • Sowilo: This is a rune that means that you need to think deeper and have more clarity.
  • Tiwaz: This means that you will overcome something in a time of disagreements.
  • Berkana: This means birch and means that you will have new friends and partners.
  • Ehwaz: This means the order and that change is coming to bring you peace.
  • Mannaz: This rune reminds you to put yourself in others shoes and say positive things.
  • Laguz: This is a fixed situation, and you need to learn a lesson.
  • Inguz: This is a deep stone and will keep you safe.
  • Dagaz: This stone is like the yin and yang and represents balance.
  • Odal: This is an abundance stone.
  • Odin: This is the blank stone and means a void and that there is no end.


These symbols on the runes are thousands of years old and they are still meaningful today. They often work with modern society to show you knowledge and to give you deeper power in your life.

Setting Your Mind to Have Financial Gain

Financial Gain

Do you struggle with your finances and feel that you are always living paycheck to paycheck? Do you wonder what it would feel like to have no debt and to have more money?

If you want to have better finances, there are ways that you can do this, but you have to change your mindset. You need to change the way that you look at money so that you can have a better financial life.

Money Mindset

The way that you feel and think about money is your money mindset. Some people that live paycheck to paycheck and have a lot of debt have a negative thought on money. They believe that they are not able to better their financial life and they feel that their finances control them. You have to change this way of thinking if you want to be wealthy.

You are the one that chooses your success and if you believe that you can control money instead of it controlling you, you will see better results and more money come into your life.

The Law of Attraction says that you will attract the same things that you put out into the universe. This is the same with your finances. If you never believe that you can have more money, you won’t. If you know in your heart that you will be able to get more money and have financial stability, you will get that.

Break the Cycle

Negative finances are probably something that has been in your family for years and years. This can be a generational curse or a cycle. Ask yourself these things:

  • What did my parents say about money?
  • What kind of finances did they have?
  • What can I do good that they did good?

If you feel that your parents practiced finances in a good way, learn to do that same thing but do it better than they did. If you want to have good finances, you have to learn to budget, save and to pay off loans fast. You can become debt free if that is what you want in your life.

If you have been struggling with your finances for a long time, chances are you have money karma. This means that you have bad karma for your finances. This is something that may have followed you from a past life. You need to get a psychic reading to know if this is part of your life.


Pay attention to your karma. The way that you talk and the way that you think can change your karma. You need to be thankful for what you have, and you need to stop being negative and complaining about what you don’t have. This will stop you from getting money that you need.

The universe is always listening to what you are saying and what you want in your heart. When you learn to be more positive, you build up good karma and this will help you to attract financial success in your life.

Instead of saying things like this:

  • I only have 10 dollars, what will that ever buy me?
  • I only am able to make this much money, I’ll never be rich.

You have to change your mindset and start looking at things positively and having a successful mindset. Be thankful for the things that you have, even when they are small. Be thankful for things that you forget about such as having food, having clothing, and having shelter. Those things have been given to you and you need to be thankful for them.

Money is something that is given to you and you need to be responsible with it. You need to learn to use it for the good in your life.

When you change your way of thinking, you open up new possibilities in your life that you never expected. You need to make your money habits good, and they will change your life and your finances. You will become successful in things such as your finances.

If you want to change your mindset and you want to get more money in your life, you can work on yourself or you can talk to a psychic to help you gain clarity in your mind and in your finances. This can help you to start a new journey and to live a life of wealth and happiness.

Indigo Children: Are You One?

Indigo Children

Many have heard of indigo children, but few have ever considered that they may know or even be one. In a world that has largely lost its deep sense of spiritually and pathway to enlightenment, indigo children are placed among us in order to realign humanity with our mystical roots and natural destinies. In the 70s, the idea of indigo children became mainstream. There have long been groups of individuals whose primary purpose is to create change and awaken humanity. This has been through the history of civilization. You may be wondering if this could possibly be your mission and this article will help you find out.

Indigo Child Defined

Indigo children are fearless leaders and the light bearers that have been placed among humanity in order to awaken humanity spiritually speaking. While this may come across as earth shattering, an indigo child’s impression can actually be direct, small, and highly intentional. Most indigo children are free thinkers which leaves them on the fringe of society and even their friend group. Due to the extremeness of sensibilities, indigo children may struggle to fit into ordinary social situations. In Western medicine, indigo children are often misdiagnosed with some disorder. Indigo children will most likely communicate with multiple spiritual guides and may even see past or future visions.

Reality is a continuously shifting concept which can be frustrating, overwhelming, and hopeless at times. It can become challenging to stay on a steady path to personal and universal truths when we are uncertain of what is actually real and what is just illusion. Indigo children highlight the ultimate spiritual truths and reality so humanity can see what is real and what is not. As we grow and mature, we are actually more susceptible to lies, half-truths, and the sugar coating of facts, but indigo children will encourage people to see past the deceptions and help others realign with a spiritual purpose.

Signs of Being an Indigo Child

If you feel you are an outsider in modern society, but still hold the wisdom and spirituality to change the world, then it is possible you are an indigo child. Read on to learn some of the most common signs.

  • Highly Creative – For indigo children, creativity will always be out front. You will have a strong artistic sense of the world and be willing to express yourself creatively at every opportunity.
  • Free Thinking, Non-Conformist – The world is filled with deception, but the indigo child can always see beyond this to truth. This requires thinking freely and refusing to conform to most norms of modern society.
  • Communication with Guides and Spirits – An indigo child is very sensitive spiritually speaking. If you think you are an indigo child, you will likely receive communication from spirits and get intense visions of both the past and future.
  • Strong Connection to Nature – Indigo children are empaths who are profoundly connected to nature, even in the modern world.
  • Old Soul – Though the term is indigo children, these souls are not young as they have likely lived several lifetimes and possess profound wisdom.