A Personal Interpretation of Rune Casting

A Personal Interpretation of Rune Casting

A Personal Interpretation of Rune CastingRune casting is a very personal thing and definitely, if you would like to cast for other individuals, you need to be successful and a procedure that does not involve running around naked. How you would like to cast is up to you, there are many examples of how to cast it in websites and books. Discovering your own procedure is however the best way. The way the casting is done is not essential but the procedure used is as long as it’s simple and does not transform too much.

Once you’ve decided on that, your procedure is not stone set and no foot will stamp on it if you decide not to follow it every time.

Choose a set of runes, wood, beach stones or card, metal, semi-precious stones. Do not be near plastic ones but look for ones where you can hold all the runes in your hands at once. The set I used mostly was a gift from a friend. He made them out of copper with a bronze inlay himself. I began with clay set which came with an instructional book. You might need to make your own set at the beginning.

Secondly, you need something to keep them in. runes tend to get lost if they are not kept lose and a coat pocket is not very good. Some authors recommend a bag made from natural materials such as wood, leather or cotton. I always have a leather made bag for my set. If you are not happy using leather you can use other kinds of materials. The bag is yours, therefore, make it big enough so that it can be able to hold the runes firmly. It shouldn’t, however, be very big. Other individuals prefer casting runes by drawing them out of their containers therefore if you would cast them this way then the bag should be big enough so that it doesn’t hold your hand.

Thirdly, you need to cast them on something. And a piece of cloth is mostly preferred. Do not use bright colors as this distract your focus. If you would like cast by drawing them from a bag then the piece of cloth is not necessary although it’s useful when you want to keep your runes together. Any kind of material will do, me I use a silk handkerchief.

Runes names are very essential to some clients although they aren’t to me. You might find them very important and find it hard to do without them. My method is however very distinctive.  You can begin your own procedure by discovering one that you love the sound off and start practicing it until you become used to it.

Another challenging subject is lending your runes. I have never experienced it so I can’t tell my reaction. I am also not paying attention to the idea. There are authors who are ready to lend as they see runes as tools that anybody can use. Mine is however very personal and anyone who knows me knows that I cannot lend them but they can look and touch.