Why use rune stones when asking about romance?

Why use rune stones when asking about romance?

Why use rune stones when asking about romance?Rune stones are not a go-to oracle when it comes to matters of the heart for most because they are blunt in their messages and tend to reflect harshness. However, the use of runes for love life guidance can bring you to the reality of a situation quickly, but be sure you want to know the answer. Rune readings will be straightforward with little room for guesswork.

Why use rune stones when asking about romance?

  • Concise and to the point
  • Straight to the heart of the matter
  • Little conjecture room
  • Lots of information, quickly

Runes are considered tools and come in either stone or card form with similar usages. Each has a Germanic origin symbol leaving them shrouded in mystery. It is uncertain who started the use of runes which adds to the appeal as a divination method.

There are multiple types of rune stones, but the most popular is likely the 24 stone set called Elder Futhark. Each symbol has a unique meaning and each rune is significant on its own. Layouts or spreads can be used for involved readings.

Rune Meanings

Many reference materials exist to learn about runes which means that is can take a lifetime to master the runes. A possible interpretation is shared below in relation to matters of the heart. Take note, if a rune appears upside down, it is ill-dignified and is being challenged in some manner. It is best to draw another rune for clarity.


When Fehu is upright it is a good omen for love. Indicating growth and newness or even moving from the friend zone to romance, Fehu is typically good. However, upside down means things are not what they seem.


Uruz offers a masculine energy with vitality to make dreams come true. Since changes are usually positive, this is a good sign about love. If upside down, something is not as it seems as far as integrity.


Indicating synchronicity and balance, this shows both of you are on the same page in love. If upside down, someone is being pushy and restraint is needed.


This is Odin’s rune and means ‘mouth’. He was an important person in Norse tradition who stands for a good omen with communication. When inverted, you are not listening or the wrong person is being listened to at this time.


Usually indicative of positive changes, this has to do with travel which may be a physical journey or a progressing relationship. If inverted it means things are stuck and will remain so until changes are initiated.


This feminine rune means responsibility with the ability to change what is  not liked about life or a relationship. When upside down, something has come to an end and should not be rekindled.


Gebo stands for a gift which could be the gift of romance. Even if appearing upside down, it is positive and a sign that everything is as it should be in a relationship.


Wunjo is associated with Venus to represent joy and happiness. It may be a wish coming true which is good in the realm of love. If inverted, this rune means something is off and a mindset needs changed to get back on track.


This is a bad sign for love because it stands for destruction that is beyond your control. It is the same inverted or upright, something is very wrong.


Not a great sign for love, Navdiz is about self-sufficiency and could be advising you to be alone to get yourself together. When upside down, it means you should not compromise for anyone.


Take control of yourself with this rune. It is neither good or bad but relationships should be viewed objectively when this rune shows up.


Indicative of hard work that could pay off, this rune indicates you may have found your twin flame, life mate, or soul mate. Patience is the key with this rune. It is the same both directions.


If Eihwaz appears, you need to look at your motives and how you really feel. If a relationship is not working for you, then look for the real reason why.


If Pertho appears, there are secrets around, while this could be a good secret, like an enegagement, it could also mean something negative. However, Pertho is normally associated with a life force, fertility and childbirth. When inverted, it is a warning against unnecessary risks in life.


This protective, watchful rune is a good one to share with a love one or wear. In love it is telling you to only take calculated risks, but if upside down it can mean you are stressed and too emotional to take wise counsel.


No matter the direction, Sowilo brings hope and light, representing the sun. Better times are ahead in love.


Tiewaz brings logic and sensibility so do not let your emotions take control. Your situation will likely improve, but if inverted, you have too much doubt to get what you want.


This is the fertility rune which could mean conception, but can also indicate a newness. This is usually positive.


Right side up Ehwaz is a good omen of cooperation and teamwork, but upside down mean someone is being stubborn and harmony is not yet found.


Mannaz advises you to pause and see life as it really is, being objective. If change is needed, do it. If upside down, take a break and be alone.


If Laguz appears, pay attention to intuition, dreams, and hunches. You are intuitive and need to realize what is happening behind the scenes. When upside down, you are not seeing things as they are in life.


An optimistic and positive rune if you are really paying attention, Ingwaz means things are growing. Learn from personal mistakes.


This is an awakening rune toward your full potential. It is indicative of revelation and change. If you are with a partner, you will evolve together.


This rune of personal growth is applied to romance when looking for inspiration. You may be a good influence on your partner unless this is inverted, then the relationship is out of balance.


The easiest way to use runes is to ask a question, pull out a rune, and the answer is clear. This is a single stone reading. However, each method has its own nuances. One spread asks for guidance and then pulls out ten stones, placing them in a heart patterns to mirror what is happening. Start at the bottom of the heart and place them on the left up, around and the final in the middle. Position descriptions and meanings are below.

  • Position 1: Current situation
  • Position 2: This is how you see yourself
  • Position 3: This is how you see your partner
  • Position 4: This is what is working
  • Position 5: This is the challenge
  • Position 6: This is what you want
  • Position 7: This is what you fear
  • Position 8: This is your responsibility
  • Position 9: This is the other person’s responsibility
  • Position 10: Outcome potential


Using runes for love life guidance takes practice, but once you understand, it is quite simple. The runes are blunt and provide only bare bones meanings and answers. The message will be clear and concise, but once the language is learned, you will want to use them repeatedly.