Ways to Identify a Past Life Bond

Ways to Identify a Past Life Bond

You just met a person and your connection felt instantaneous and profound.  It seems like you have always known this person, so how are you only just now getting to know each other?!  Karmic and past life bonds fill us with feelings of comfort and immediate ease.  It’s almost like a spiritual sense of coming home to someone.  Perhaps in this particular case you have met in a previous life, but how can you find out if this hunch is accurate?

Begin with the knowledge that people we seem to have the strongest connections are actually souls we have traveled with throughout the lifetimes.  In each incarnation we are able to lessons from each other and grow in ways that help bring us both closer to enlightenment.  These valuable lessons are not always easy or even pleasant.  One or both parties might need to learn how to forgive lingering hurts at a soul level.  If we are not able to learn this unconditional forgiveness, we will be forced to repeat the lesson until we gain mastery.

We also select themes we must face in each new life.  In order to address these issues, we recruit the aid of helper spirits which come into the lifetime along with in the form of a “soul mate.”  This bond could be the form of a family member, friend, stranger, teacher or even a romantic partner.

If you think a special person in your life is someone you have had a history with in a previous lifetime, start by looking for the lesson.  Are they helping to teach you something insightful about yourself or life in general?  Do they inspire you to improve yourself or the world around you?  A challenge, whether positive or negative is a strong sign of a previous life connections between two people.  Bigger challenges allow for greater self-growth and may signal that you have spent multiple lifetimes together since you need to face more steps to master this lesson.

Is this person playing a part in a recurring theme for you?  Just because you might be meeting for the first time, doesn’t mean the situation isn’t something previous engrained for you.  If we don’t learn a key lesson in a previous lifetime, it will carry over with us into the next one.  However, since it didn’t work the first time around, our soul might select a new teacher who can over a fresh perspective.  When you understand that the pattern is the same, but this new person is different you can watch as your life transforms for the better.  As you gain control of the lesson, your relationship together with evolve in untold ways.

Is this person selflessly helping you?  The benevolent stranger can be a valuable teacher or mentor.  If they are offering you something you are in desperate need of at particular moment in your life, this could be a sign that you have helped this person in a previous life and now they are paying your former kindness forward in this current lifetime.

Past lives are complex and rich.  When you look for and honor key signs that you have met before, you can reestablish deep connections to people that you may have overlooked in the hustle in daily living.  Together you can nurture these ties to help you both grow personally and spiritually in ways that will benefit the entire world.