Psychic or Empath

Psychic or Empath

If you want to be balanced in your life then this means that you need to find a healthy balance between your life at work, your life at home and your own psychic gifts.

Juggling life is never going to be easy and finding a balance can be hard.  When you are intuitive, it can be even harder because you are always picking up the feelings of others and are always sensitive to the energies around you.

Without even knowing it, chances are that you are on a different level and you will have a harder time balancing life.  An empath needs to find harmony in the chaos of life so that they do not feel overwhelmed and stressed out.


If you feel guilty in your life, this can be hard to deal with.  You have to learn to deal with this and turn the negative emotions of guilt into positive emotions of love and happiness.  You have to learn to let it go and affirm yourself daily.

You have to allow yourself to be joyful and let yourself know that you are wonderful at being a mom, a friend and a good person.  You have to let your happiness be an inspiration to others and by being creative and joyful, you are helping others and yourself.


Meditating is a good way to be able to center yourself.  If you look inside, meditating doesn’t even have to be a formal thing.  There doesn’t have to be a list of things to do and you can do this even when you are busy.  Take time to daydream and to think about things that you are doing in your life.  Practice your clairvoyance, clairaudience and more by listening to what is inside of you.

Use meditation to clear your mind and to give you a clear mindset.

Having Boundaries

Everyone has to have boundaries.  Boundaries help to balance you and especially if you are sensitive to people around you then interacting with others on a constant basis is hard.  You have to learn to stop picking up the energy of everyone you meet and if you are going to do this, prepare yourself.

Set boundaries by using a mirror and stand in front of it.  Tell the energies not to come to you and do not absorb them but let them bounce back off of you.  This can give you a clear feeling.

Remind yourself that you are allowed to be happy and that you can use the emotions of others to bring yourself creativity and happiness instead of pain and sadness.


Keep your life organized.  Have a plan to stay organized and make lists each day if you need to.  Help yourself to stay on track and do not overfill your schedule.

Remember Yourself

Do not forget that you need time in your day to concentrate on yourself.  Allow your soul and mind to heal along with your body.  Do something for you like take a hot bath or read a book.  Spend time with people you love and do anything that makes you feel good.


  1. Taking time for oneself is crucial and often overlooked. The article’s reminder to do things that bring personal joy is beneficial.

  2. I appreciate the practical advice given on setting boundaries and organizing one’s life. These are essential skills in managing daily stress.

  3. Having a daily plan and staying organized can indeed make a significant difference in finding balance. The article addresses this effectively.

  4. The discussion on guilt and how to transform negative emotions into positive ones is thought-provoking. It’s important to focus on self-affirmation.

  5. The concept of using meditation as a tool for clarity is well-explained. It’s a helpful reminder that self-care doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

  6. The article provides an insightful look into managing one’s life and balancing various aspects of it. The emphasis on meditation and boundaries is particularly relevant.


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