Past Life Memories

Past Life Memories

When you are grown up, chances are you will have a childhood memory that seems to pop out of nowhere to your mind. Maybe you have a friend that makes you think of something from your past or someone that you have not thought about in years and years.

A song can trigger these memories and can make you think of good times or of bad times or maybe you remember something that has happened in your past life. Things could be happening as usual and then all of a sudden you have memories that come out of nowhere.

There are some fears that can cause you to have past life memories and if you are scared of something that you were afraid of in your past life, it can cause you to have deep feelings and emotions.

Fears are not the only thing that can trigger these memories, there are other things that can bring these thoughts to the front of your mind.


Smells are very important, and they can evoke strong emotions. If you smell something that your mom used to clean your childhood home with or a pie that your grandma used to make, it can bring up feelings from your past.

If you have spent time with someone that had a home that smelled like a wood stove or a friend’s house that smelled like mothballs, you might have a triggered emotion.

These emotions can come up from your past life and cause you to remember things from the smells that you smell. You might not understand what is happening when you have a memory but there are ways that you can react to this and realize that this is from your past life.


Some people have traumatic events that can cause them to have different emotions later in life. There are many people that have had near-death experiences and have lost a loved one. Having a traumatic past can bring up past life memories, especially if there was trauma in the past life.


One of the biggest triggers of past life memories is meeting someone new. If you have shared a past life with this person, you might have memories of them that you do not understand.  Someone that is from your soul group will share similar memories over their lifetimes.


Some people can have an emotional reaction to certain things that they see on the history channel or read about in books. If you have been in a past life where you have been tortured or killed for something, chances are watching something on television or reading about it can trigger these memories. A great example is the Salem Witch Trials.

If you find that you have triggers when you look through history but you don’t know why, learn about past life regression and learn to meditate and relax so that you can reach your higher self.


The memories that you have might surprise you, but you might find that these memories are part of your past life and you can learn more and more about yourself and who you are and were.