Know the Runes for Healing

Know the Runes for Healing

Know the Runes for HealingHealing is an art and healers within the northern tradition have a lot of untapped power available in runes. Some can work solely as a rune healer while others expand their healing work through channelling rune energies. Other ways to use runes is by chanting, creating bespoke bind runes and using crystals and herbs to create new positive energies.

There are a number of different runes which are used for different types of healing. You can use one or combine several to create wonderful results in healing work. One thing to remember about runes. They are like anything else in that they can be used for good or evil. Some fear them because they have heard of them used for malicious intent. While that may be true, they can also be used for positive efforts.

Below are some of the runes used for different purposes:


This energy rune improves both digestion and circulation. It has nurturing effects and can be sued with Berkano to improve the milk supply in breastfeeding mothers. If you are feeling a little low or sluggish, this can be an effective energy boost.


This incredibly powerful run produces stability and strength. It is effective for all-round healing and tends to produce excellent results for the skeleton and muscles. The primary energy of this rune is earthy with the secondary energy water currents so it is a great one to use for purification.


This rune is a bit more controversial because it is linked to transformation. That means it is linked to changes in the body through death, prompting some to believe it should not be used in healing. However, it can prompt the body to heal itself or to pull an illness from deep within the body to the surface to be released.

Kenaz, by tradition, is associated with discoloration, fever, bruising, ulcers and inflammation. It is known by those in the northern tradition to be a powerful tool used by elves or dwarves. These creatures are believed to bring on illness with magic. Kenaz can be used to find the source of the illness using heat in the hands.


This water rune is used for cleansing and purification of both the body and the mind. Many use it with Uruz for stabilization and to contain the energy. This rune can be used to release repeated patterns within the body as well as blockages. It is also great to empower herbs in the Anglo-Saxon healing tradition of herb use.


This rune has a feminine energy, but is also associated with healing work to improve the brain, connections to the brain and memory. It is also excellent for the hips, the womb and in birthing. It is a transition rune and helps with souls crossing over into this world or with those transitioning from life to death.


This is the rune to use for protection. It can be used to guard the space before a healing rite and to protect those in need of healing. It is connected to both swan and elk energies that help connect heaven and earth.


This rune is often the first one a healer channels. Its energy is then passed to the client, similar to reiki healing. This is described by healers to have incredible healing power as it contains warmth and vitality. It is linked to the life force and wholeness. It can also be used to prevent the healer from absorbing a client’s negative energies.


This powerful rune is not typically recognized for healing, but is used for healers as a personal rune. It identifies with the wounded healer with many called to the craft after facing some type of wounding.

This runes shape is that of an arrow, a sword or spear and, therefore, it is considered a sacred weapon of a shaman’s initiatory wounding. Using this rune doesn’t require wounding, as it can also be used to understand how illness and wounds can produce gifts. Many use it with Wunjo to gain a deeper understanding of wholeness on a spiritual path.

Healing techniques can be readily found in northern soul lore framework and the northern tradition also has distinct elements and healing guides. It is good to know and understand these as you begin working with runes.