How to Use Tarot Cards to Know He’s Cheating

How to Use Tarot Cards to Know He's Cheating

Many feel tarot cards can give information that could be helpful. Some information is about your past while others show your present or the future. While it shows many wonderful things, the cards can also show things that are tragic or hurtful also. That includes cards that show your love is cheating.

The Meaning of Tarot Cards

One thing to remember about tarot cards is the same card can mean different things. You must combine the cards with the layout and how each card related to each other to figure out what they are trying to say. It paints a complete picture when interpreted correctly.

It is difficult for a tarot card reader when the cards indicate the one you love has been unfaithful to you. Several cards can indicate infidelity, depending on the layout and the order they come up. It’s important to be aware of what means infidelity and what does not.

Cards Indicating Cheating

Tarot cards can indicate a desire to cheat, actual cheating or trouble in a relationship. According to tarot card readers, the Devil card related to temptation or undesirable behavior. The Seven of Swords show that something is being hidden, but doesn’t show what that is. The Moon card can either mean deception or being stalled between two competing desires.

Tarot cards that have a stronger indication of ongoing cheating already occurring include the Eight of Cups, the Five of Swords, the Ten of Swords, and the Three of Swords. Each has a different meaning though.

The Eight of Swords indicates either your feelings of disappointment or someone walking away. The Five of Swords points to betrayal while the Ten of Swords symbolizes someone you love will deeply hurt you. The Three of Swords is the most powerful card indicating that infidelity is happening.

Cards that indicate a troubled relationship, but do not show infidelity, includes the Tower card, which is associated with guilty feelings or ideas of a shattered life.

Some cards indicate a person is battling the desire to have an affair. Those are the Hanged Man, the Four of Cups, the Five of Wands, and the Two of Swords. Some cards suggest the person is regretful about an action or behavior they have already done. These two are the Five of Cups or the Nine of Swords.

Card Positions Showing Infidelity

Cards can’t be read by the card alone. Their true meaning depends on their positions to each other and how they pop up.

For instance, the Four of Wands, the Lovers, the Ace of Cups, and the Two of Cups typically indicate happy, intensely romantic love. However, if they show up in a reading spread in an inverted, or upside down, position, they can mean infidelity. Any time a card comes up inverted, it means the exact opposite of what it usually means.

The most important thing you can do is to look at all the information a tarot card reading provides rather than looking at the one question. Like love, some tarot readings can be complicated so be sure to understand everything it is trying to tell you.


  1. I appreciate how the article explains that tarot readings should be viewed holistically. Focusing on just one aspect could lead to misunderstandings.

  2. The detailed explanations of how certain cards might indicate infidelity are quite thorough. It shows the depth required to master tarot reading.

  3. The article does a good job of communicating the intricacies involved in tarot readings. It’s clear that skilled interpretation requires significant expertise and intuition.

  4. It’s interesting that the article highlights the nuances in tarot readings. Understanding the context and connections between cards seems crucial for accurate interpretation.

  5. The complexity of interpreting tarot cards is fascinating. It’s intriguing how the same card can have varied meanings depending on its position and relation to other cards.

  6. The mention of inversion in card positions adding complexity is noteworthy. It emphasizes the layered nature of tarot card readings.


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