How to Know You Have a Psychic Connection

How to Know You Have a Psychic Connection

How to Know You Have a Psychic ConnectionHave you ever been around someone that you didn’t know but that you felt such a strong connection with them that you were sure that you have met them before?  You might be attracted to them or find that they give you some strange sensation, but the bottom line is that you cannot just ignore it.  These feelings might be larger and more important than you even realize.

Psychic Connection

A psychic connection is a link between two people that goes beyond anything physical.  This is a bond that you will have with someone and will be like two souls that are connected.  This happens when the energies of two people are in sync and they become connected like kindred spirits or soulmates.  These can also be twin flames or connections from your past life.  A psychic connection can work in different places and with different people.

The most common psychic connection happens between people that have the same intense emotions at the same time.  The energy is impossible to ignore, and it is an emotional attachment.  The attachments are sometimes linked to the psychic gateway and these emotions are needed in order for people to bond with each other.  This can open a path.

There are different reasons why someone might experience a psychic connection with someone, and these include:

  • Being soulmates
  • Being twin flames
  • Having kindred spirits
  • A past life connection
  • A karmic connection

There are other bonds that can form but these are some of the strongest and most frequent ones.


Being a soulmate is the easiest psychic connection to feel.  This is a person that you can sense physically and spiritually.  You might spend a lot of your life together with one of these people, no matter what gender they are.  They can be your soulmate and only stop being your soulmate when they die.

Kindred Spirits

If you have a kindred spirit, it is a bond that you have that is strong.  You like the same things and you are more physically attracted and connected than mentally.  These come from nature and usually happen between people that have similar interests and qualities.

Twin Flames

A twin flame is like a kindred spirit, but they are different because it is not a physical or mental, but it can happen no matter what gender the person is.  This is when each person has half of the other persons soul and has to come together to make it one.

Past Life

Past life connections happen when you meet someone, and you don’t know why you know them, but they have been in your life before.  This is like déjà vu and the souls will recognize each other and the connections are needed to form a whole.  This is different than the souls being split and is a past life situations.

Karma Connections

Karma connections happen when your energies are common and your past life doings make a strong bod with you and it brings about a relationship with spirits.

These connections mean that you can have different psychic links in your life.  You might find that you have the connection with all different people, and none is better than the other.

Knowing You Have a Connection

Only you know if you have a real psychic connection with someone and this is because of event and signs that are linked to you.

Sense No Matter the Distance

When you feel someone no matter the distance, you can have information with someone from thousands of miles away.  You can keep your friendship with someone and keep the connection strong.


With a psychic connection, you can sense their feelings at any moment.  This does not matter where they are or what they are doing.


You can feel if they are in danger because your link will be so strong and intense.  You will be fearful of what happens to them.


A person that you have a psychic connection with cannot surprise you no matter how they try.  They might try but you will always know when they are going to contact you or come to you.


The more time you spend with this psychic connection, the more time you will pick up their habits and mannerisms.  This happens even when you don’t’ mean it to and you will find yourself going the same places and wearing the same clothing patterns, without it being planned.

These are just a few ways that you can tell if you have a psychic link.  The signs of these connections can be strong and it depends on what type of connection you have as to what factors you will share with your psychic connection.