How to Know if You are Ready to Listen to a Psychic’s Wisdom

Psychic’s Wisdom

It can feel daunting to visit a psychic and to be truly receptive to their insight.  What people don’t often talk about is that psychic too can be worried if their client is able to fully process their message in a healthy manner.  Often when emotions get charged or an unexpected insight is delivered people can’t fully absorb the valuable lesson.

Here are seven minefield you need to address when visiting a psychic to ensure you are able to full listen to their wisdom:

  1. DENIAL: Psychic quickly become aware to energetic disturbance and easily pick up one’s tension, frustration, anger and fear. Denial is a common reaction to any negative emotions.  Before you visit a reader address if you are fully able to be receptive to an unexpected message and if you can begin to implement any necessary changes to improve your life.
  2. SHOCK: If you do receive any upsetting insight allow yourself space to process the message.  This may involve waiting a few days or a few weeks to revisit the psychic to continue your reading.
  3. EXPECTATIONS: Avoid going into a reading read to only hear the answer you want to a question.  There is no benefit from jumping between psychics in the hope that maybe this one will tell me X.  Embrace the unknown as it can create stunning inner transformations.  But your metamorphosis can only occur if you are open and ready for this needed change.
  4. PAUSE: When upsetting news occurs its important that remember to breathe.  You won’t get any further clarity by going to an array of psychics while you are in a bothered state.  Instead check-in with yourself and be comfortable becoming vulnerable.  Understand if you feel safe to open yourself up to any potential further disappointment.  It’s ok if the answer is no.  You can always see another psychic when you are more rested and balanced within yourself.
  5. EXPERIMENT: Resist the urge to ask the same question at every reading. Instead, explore a range of issues you might be facing in your life or any unresolved issues you might be burdened by.
  6. CREATE PEACE: In a time of panic it is easy to feel caught in a storm.  Allow yourself to center and breathe.  By creating peace, you can shift your perspective to something more neutral where you can become more receptive to a reader’s insights.
  7. FREE WILL: This is a Divine-given blessing. Sure, you might yearn for a certain outcome or message, but that not be in your best interest.  Likewise, you can hear a message that doesn’t resonate well with you.  You then are free to forge your own destiny.  A reading is merely a snapshot of the situation at that moment in time.  If a reading becomes too intense for you, you have the choice to stay or leave.  Select whichever option feels the healthiest for you.  A psychic is able to guide you through all scenarios and will be willing to help you further when the time is more appropriate for you to listen and absorb.