Healing power of runes

Healing power of runes

Healing power of runesUsing runes as source of healing is not as well known as other natural tools, but it can be very effective.  Runes have terrific therapeutic value. This is due to their ancient grounded energies.  This, combined with their balancing vibrations can not only heal us, but teach us lessons as well.

Illness is the our bodies have of warning us that we are working against our own harmony and that we are out of balance. When they body is out of balance, we can use the runes to put us back on track. Runes can help us learn the lessons that our bodies are trying to teach us.

When using the runes to heal, we should ask the universe to guide us to a healing rune. When this rune is selected it will become Odin’s rune. The next step is to meditate to understand the meaning and message. The best way to do this, is to find a quiet space to focus on the healing.  If you can, lie still with the rune near or on the place where you need healing.  Focus on what the rune has to teach you.  Next, feel the vibrations and essence of the stone into your being.  Let your intuition tell you how long your need to stay in place.

You may want to carry the rune with you to help the healing begin. This will help you to unlock the power within you.  Different runes will give you different power.  The Laguz rune, for example will help you with emotional issues as it guides to you to finding the harmony within you.

Once you have selected a rune, you will see how the message it is giving you is coming to your aid.  It will lead you to the right treatment as it reveals the cause of you illness.

Listen to the runes and learning the lessons will help you change your life with empowerment.


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