Having Low Vibrations and Dealing with the Spirit World

Having Low Vibrations and Dealing with the Spirit World

When you open up yourself to your psychic gifts, chances are that you will be more sensitive to things around you. You will be attracted to different things in your life and you will begin to notice that there is always spiritual activity that is happening around you. Sometimes you might even find that you are surrounded by entities that have low vibrations.

The spirit world is full of energy and everything vibrates and moves. You will vibrate and move at a certain level and everything around you also vibrate and moves at a certain level. You are more attracted to those that are on the same level as you are and when your vibrations change, you will see that some people are no longer a part of your life because they are on a different level than you. This will be a time where people go their own ways.

Low Vibrational Spirits

You need to understand that a low vibration spirit does not always mean an evil spirit. Most of the time, there will be no evil spirits that come to you at all.

A low vibrational spirit is one that has not been evolved in the spirit world and therefore they do not always have your best interests in their heart. They also might not care about connecting with you or interacting with you, you are just someone that is there at the time.

When you connect to a spiritual being, you never should assume that they know more things than you know, and some signs can be there to show you when a spirit has low vibrations.

Signs of Low Vibrations

There are some sure signs that you are dealing with someone or something that has low vibrations and here are some ways that you can know:


A spirit that is evolved and has high vibrations will be focus on how you are growing and about your life. They will do things that will help you instead of trying to boost your ego. If a spirit is always complimenting you and telling you how perfect you are, this is a spirit that has low vibrations.


A spirit that is evolved will not want to do things against you and will want to see you have a good life and be the best that you can be. They will want you to make good decisions. If you have come across a spirit that is a low vibrational spirit, they will encourage you to make decisions that are bad for you.

You will regret the decisions that you make with this spirit and even when they warn you of danger, they will try to control you and make you do what they want you to do.


Everyone makes mistakes and your guide that is highly evolved will help you to get over your guilt and to move on and learn a lesson. They will understand that you have to change and go through things to grow. One that is not evolved will make you feel bad for your mistakes and will never help you to learn the lesson in your life.


Everyone has some kind of intuition and if you uncomfortable around a spirit that you are talking to, chances are that you are around a low vibrational spirit. Pay attention to what your intuition is telling you and if you feel afraid or uncomfortable, get away from this spirit and find safety in yourself.