Connecting with Your Chakras

Connecting with Your Chakras

What does it mean when you are reaching your higher self?  The higher self is the part of you where yo u have intuition and you are guided and given opportunities to live a better life.  This can come when you have been going through hard times and can be an easy path for you to choose.  When you have your higher self, you can connect with your self and with the truth.

Focus on what you are trying to do in life and get rid of your negative feelings.

Where is It?

Where is the place that you find your higher self?  This can be found in understanding.  There are chakras that you have, and your higher self is found on the eight chakra.  If you call upon this chakra, you will find your higher self.  It is a big place and there isn’t enough room for everything, but it is all you need.  It can travel down to where you are and help you.

What to Do?

When you want to reach your higher self, you have to connect.  You need to change your routine and see what works to make you feel positive and happy.  Focus on what gives you joy and increase your vibrational frequencies.  Call upon your higher self and connect to it.  Practice being better.

Each moment of your day writes down what you are doing and what situations make you happy and what makes you upset.  Once you know, shift your energies.

Notice how others are being.  What kinds of seeds are they planting in you?  Not everyone will be with you forever and sometimes people come just to teach you something and then move on.

What would you do if you were a bigger version of yourself?  How do you want your life to be?

Living with Drama

Drama is in everyday life.  It is hard to heal yourself and to reach your higher self when you are focused on the drama of the world.  When you focus on all of your problems, you have a hard time finding a solution.  Look at your environment and see if you can find a higher place to be in yourself.

What challenges do you have?  Do you have a hard time connecting to your higher self?  What holds you back?  What has been things that you have been successful in?


When you are looking to reach your higher self, remember to:

  • Focus on positive things.
  • Focus on your spirit guides.
  • Ask your spirit guides to help you.
  • Get rid of all of your negative feelings.
  • Know that you have a purpose.
  • Seek the purpose of your life.
  • Allow yourself to see good in yourself.
  • Look for good in others.
  • Try to live life to the fullest.
  • Know that you have a higher self and you can reach it.