Communicating telepathically

Communicating telepathically

Communicating telepathicallySometimes in our lives we feel the need to know someone a bit better than you do. You have  a pull towards this person and it goes deeper than what can be said in a real conversation.  What this is could be the urge to have a telepathic connection with someone.

The idea of telepathy has entranced humankind for centuries.  There are stories and legends galore about beings with the power of telepathy.  Ancient and indigenous cultures report of people who can “read minds” and communicate telepathically.

This ability appeals to us on a deeper level. This is why it is important to know exactly what this ability is.


Telepaths transmit information through thoughts and feelings.  Psychics communicate with spirits.   Telepathy comes from the great meaning “far away feeling”.  This makes sense when you know what telepathy is.  It is a way to transmit thought and feelings from a long distance.

Almost all of us have had an experience of telepathy.   It can be a simple as waking and feeling that we need to reach out to someone or suddenly think about someone only to have them call moments later. Having experienced this, we know that there is the capacity for telepathic communication.

Cold Reading is not telepathy

Telepathy is often confused with cold reading. Cold reading is a means of gathering information by observing body language and other exterior details.  It is used as a means of tricking people, not understanding them.  Someone who is especially skilled at cold reading can give the impression of communicating telepathically.  This is not a true means of deep connection.

Developing telepathy

One of the most important factors of telepathic communication is energetic coupling.  When two people are close either through love or friendship, there are shared interests.   This common ground makes it very easy to develop the kind of shared energy that telepathy requires.

You can practice this by  transmitting the other participant in a series of simple questions, such as favorite colors, favorite foods, etc.  Try to read their thoughts before they speak.  You may want to focus on the feeling you get before they speak.  Once you establish this bond it can stay strong for days and months even though you may be separated by miles and distance.

Stretching and relaxing

Telepathy can also help in the focusing and relaxing of the mind.   Yoga is an excellent way to prepare for telepathy because it is spiritual and low in intensity.

For telepathy to work, each person should be relaxed. Meditating with the eyes closed is a good way to start.  Focus should be given to the clear thoughts that come into the mind.  This is a way to center on the impressions that are being sent.

Sending and receiving 

Both parties involved should designate who is sending and who is receiving in this type of communication.   This sets clear boundaries to avoid confusion.  To start with, the partners should be facing each other with eyes closed.  The sender should visualize the receiver, picturing them clearly in detail.  At this point, the sender should form a very clear picture of the message to be sent before sending it.  They should also picture the energy connecting the two. Overall, the sender should completely believe in their own power.  When the message and the connection are clear in the mind, the sender should push the image towards the receiver.

The receiver should also concentrate on the message being sent. When they receive the message they should write it down in as much detail as possible.  Then the two should compare messages.

Telepathy uses intuition and brain power to communicate. This involves practice and focus. Do not be disappointed if you can’t do this right away.. You may have to practice several times and build up endurance to communicate successfully.

It is important to choose the right partner; someone you can trust.  It is equally important to believe in your ability to do this.  You should also be patient. You should know who will send and who will receive in your communication.  You should select a message and prepare in advance.

Once you have created a successful telepathic connection, you can test it by spending time apart from your partner  to see if you can successfully reconnect.