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What Is Rune Healing?

Rune healing is often associated with the Gods and Goddesses’ Forces that are used to get worshiped mystically during Christian times. Rune healing and magic were not originally utilized for protection and healing treatment in rune casting which makes it a very special ancient method of all times.

Runes are highly energetic symbols that can be used for healing on several levels. Reiki Masters who are also Rune Masters sometimes combine the Runes into healing sessions by practicing the symbology into the client's aura.

Any of the Runic systems can be used for healing the physical and etheric bodies but they use the Armanen Rune system most of the times. Armanen Rune Healing can be carried out by Runic Yoga, signing or symbolism, meditation, or the laying on of stones.

In general healing, only those Rune Masters with hermetic knowledge can select the most appropriate runes for any given conditions Runes are useful in not only discerning the root causes of bodily conditions and complaints but can also be used as a deterrent in the prevention of ailments.

Their healing comes from beyond the time-space continuum and because they are not subject to man's self imposed limitations. Therefore, it can be used for many reasons, including war, love, and prosperity.

Even if we have already started to examine the runes, we still wonder if runic system is just a magic or is it really used for divination, and the answer is that it’s a tool of magic when recovering mind, body, heart and soul. The illness you’ve gone through in a period of time can be a warning that you’re doing something that affects your harmonious and healthy life.
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