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What Is Rune Healing?

Rune healing is most often associated with the gods and goddesses that were worshipped in pre-Christian times. Runes were the symbols of the gods and goddesses and contain within them the power of the gods or goddesses they were associated with. Some of these associations are known, while others have been lost to history.

A Rune Master knows and interprets the meaning of the runes in order to make them beneficial for people to use in the present day. Each rune is used for prevention of harm, discovering the root cause of a problem or sickness, or to heal an ailment. Specific runes are known to be more effective with dealing with certain kinds of illnesses.

The rune system is based on Armanen runes which can be accessed through Runic yoga, runic signing or symbolism, meditation, and the laying on of stones, so there are many different ways to use these runes. Other runic sets are used for predictions and asking questions rather than for healing purposes.

Rune casting is a method of using highly energetic symbols to promote healing and protection. Rune healing can be used in combination with Reiki healing techniques, since both these methods utilize the energy found around us to promote healing and balance.

The Benefits of Rune Healing

Illnesses and other ailments can be a physical manifestation of an emotional or mental problem we may be having. All too often we are able to fix the surface symptoms, but not the underlying cause of these illnesses. Rune healing may seem like magic to some, but its ancient knowledge and power can be of incredible benefit to people suffering from a variety of ailments.

Certain runes are associated with the chakras of our bodies. Some Reiki practitioners will use runes in their healing sessions to unblock energy, heal ailments, and bolster the body’s ability to protect itself while pouring in the universal life energy into that person.

There are different sets of runes that can be used independently, but the runes made for healing and protection are special and should be facilitated by a Rune Master.

Psychic Rune Healing and Psychic Rune Readings

If you are looking for healing of the body and mind, rune healing may be for you. Runes are powerful symbols from ancient times that are used to promote healing, balance, and protection in the present day. Although history has yet to reveal much about runes, what we do know shows that they can be used as powerful tools for healing the mind and body.

Runic healing has been used for centuries to promote healing, protect against future ailments, and to get to the root cause of a problem. A Rune psychic oversees the selection of the appropriate runes for specific circumstances, which can be used to facilitate healing.

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