What are runes?

What are runes?

What are runes?Runes are amazing old symbols that can be used for the purposes of magic and divine. They were used in the past for Germanic languages. Quite a number of distinct runes were developed but were later replaced by the Latin alphabet that is still being used for writing up to date. I really fancy their historical background and I think they are a great inspiration to us.

History says that runes were holy gifts to mortals and Norse God Odin was the first one to have it after wounding himself with a spear then hanging himself from Yggdrasil, the World Tree for one week two days.

The word rune means ‘secret’. And quite a number of pieces of evidence from iron age of the Romans and Germans suggests that they were used for magical purposes. They usually appear on amulets and people think they were carved to act as charms. There is a warning of the 6th century from the master or runes warning that there are powerful runes that have been hidden in the monument and will bring death to anyone who tries to damage it.

Runes were only used by a few people and only became popular in the ’80s. shops were filled with books, cards and rune set revealing how they could be used for magical and divinatory purposes. Quite a number of people use runes for inspiration while beginning their psychic path.

These runes work like the I-Ching when used for divine purposes, in that, they are stored in a bag then drawn one by one, cast them on a flat surface then read them one by one.