Unlock the wisdom of the ancient runes to access your psychic powers

ancient runes

ancient runesOccult wisdom or hidden wisdom is frequently ignored as being a silly voodoo. Nevertheless, there are many things we can learn from the hidden arts that are likely to improve our everyday lives exponentially.

It is however sad that what several individuals comprehend of the new age merely lies with crystals and astrology.  Although nothing’s wrong with such concepts, there are lessons we can come out with through the occult.  One of those is rune making.  There is a similarity between runes and tarot cards since they can both be used for fortune-telling or divination.

Several individuals use the runes for spiritual and intuitive guidance, and for one to get better results, they can pair these runes with other forms of divination such as pendulum or tea leaves. There are other types of runes but, the Futhark is the most prevalent.

The Futhark runes originate from the letters of the early Germanic alphabets. The Latin alphabet was adopted in the early centuries AD, that’s when several Northern European countries stopped using the runic alphabets. These modern rune sets comprise of the 24 letters of the Futhark and one blank tile which is known as the Wyrd or Odin.

The tiles are picked or spread out from their pouch unto a surface for one to read the runes. The reader then translates their meaning based on their placement in the spread, just the same as a tarot reading. Both tarot readings and rune readings have a similarity, they both use several spreads depending on the situation.

Although there are other variations, the Futhark runes are the most well-known amongst the new age community. I love the witch runes because they showcase several symbols that are easy to remember. Several individuals discover that they are a good beginner’s point with only thirteen symbols to memorize.