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Healing Through the Runes

images (12)Rune Healing is very powerful and is considered to be an advanced, ancient method of emotional re-balancing. The runes are core geometrical patterns that are found within nature, as well as the human body. They have a direct correspondence to all models of the Tree of Life, allowing the individual to change the negative patterns and cycles that inhibit their true nature. Here we discuss how they are used in healing.

One of the great advantages of symbolisms over incoherent arrays is that symbolisms can be applied to specific parts of the universe.

Only intense practice with Runes can bring about a clear understanding of the mechanics of healing with Rune energies. However, what we describe in the following will give some ideas of what healing with Runes is about. Some experience with Rune exercises will be helpful.

Runes constitute a symbolic description of energies of the levels of creation. The symbolism furnishes you with a spectrum of energies coming from the levels of creation. There are some analogies with the spectrum of natural colors, but runes and colors are different things.

When you practice Rune Magic or Rune Healing, then you work with energies from the levels of creation. Runes allow you to act creatively upon your universe. To know the characteristics of the Rune “spectrum” is a condition for your participating in creation. When healing with Runes, you project energy upon the person to be healed. To this energy you attach the specific Rune vibration from the levels of creation.

Unlike projection of Light or of White Light, Runes allow the use of the specific “colors” of their spectrum. In any particular case, there may be a certain color that has beneficial effects and another color that blocks those beneficial effects.

196ac28460548dadd0ff2889b5e67a04The person who projects Light alone without consideration of the spectrum would be like one who prescribes every drug on the market assuming that one of them will do the trick. There may well a few of those drugs that counteract the beneficial effects of certain others.

Projection of Runes for healing purposes may yield spectacular results. Yet we caution not to abandon fully any other treatment in favor of Rune Healing, or any other psychic or spiritual healing, See the note on a previous page concerning this matter.

Only a Rune master skilled in hermetic knowledge is capable of selecting specific Runes for given conditions. To such a Rune master, Runes are also helpful in finding the actual root causes of a specific complaint, or undesirable body condition, such as too much body fat.

The fact that Runes are not limited by our self-imposed limitations of space-time allows the skilled Rune Magician to establish beneficial mechanisms of healing that come from beyond our space-time continuum, and that can extend their influence into the future. Thus Runes can be one of the best means for the prevention of ailments as well as for the improvement of the overall condition for extensive periods of time.

Projection of Rune energies can be produced in many ways. One of the most used methods is with the hands. Others involve charging the food, water, or even the air of the person being treated. Special diets, combined with Rune projection, will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, Another important addition to the treatment is practice of Rune Yoga. This is a discipline, which helps attract beneficial Rune energies by establishing specific shape vibrations that are in tune with vibrations of the energies that come from the Realms of Creation.

An important adjunct to Rune methods of healing is the observation of specific cycles and Rune trends. For millennia, astrologers have searched for an esoteric astrology, but they have based their research on the materialistic symbolism of astrology. From this they indeed gained deep insights but not much else. The traditional astrologer tries to “rule the stars” or his destine, by wisely adjusting to the existing trends. The person who uses the Rune symbolism for his astrology finds the appropriate tools to MAKE TRENDS. This has a much more profound impact upon destiny, and is for our purposes a much more thorough approach for overcoming ailments, and for improving the overall condition of the body, soul, and mind. There are also valuable spiritual benefits in this kind of approach,


hqdefaultFA – ailments of the head. Feverish diseases. Burns off fat. Ailments of skin and bones. Purification.

THORN – Aura of health

OS (as its variation OTHIL) – Chest, back, neck (with UR).

RIT – Charka of the throat.

KA – Digestive organs (with IS), feverish ailments,

HAGAL – Kidneys and bladder, loins,

UR — Healing Rune in general. Finds roots of ailments. Neck. Liver. Nervous system (in combination with IS). Chest and lungs. Students under the instruction of a Rune Master will use UR in combination with OTHIL, a variation of OS.


IS – Neck, liver and nerves (with UR); digestive tract (with KA) accidents and injuries (with MAN) blood, gout, arthritis, arteriosclerosis

NOD – Infectious diseases and skin problems, (with LAF).

AR – Strengthens life force. Counteracts hallucinations and possession.

mqdefaultSIG — Nerves and tendons (with MAN)

TYR – Blood« gout- arthritis, and arteriosclerosis (with IS).

BAR – Female sex organs, birth.

LAF — Infectious diseases and skin problems (with NOD).

MAN – Accidents and injuries (with IS)? Nerves and tendons (with SIG).

YR – Lower abdomen, sexual organs.

EH – Balance glands, lymphatic system counters depression.

GIBOR – Procreation, transmutation.

The preceding correlations may be understood in many ways, depending on the level at which the Rune Magician is operating.

Apart from the healing effects, Runes, and especially the shape vibrations of Rune Yoga, have strong effects on the spiritual centers (chakras) in the body. Projection of specific Runes upon these centers will awaken them and purify them. The knowledge of which Runes work with what chakras is not public knowledge, for the danger of misuse is too great. Students of a Rune master usually meet with these matters in dealing with the Rune IS.

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