Discover Your Rune Message


Runes are a type of ancient alphabet system whose creation has been attributed to the Celtics, Germans and Scandinavians. Their use dates back as far as 98 AD. Runes were carved into wood, bone or stone traditionally. Then they were stored in a cloth pouch that was considered sacred, and not to be touched by just anyone.

The word “rune” is roughly translated to mean “whisper” or “holy secret”. This is because each rune is assigned a special meaning, which can lend intuitive guidance to their readers, much like tarot cards do. There were a total of 24 runes, which is similar to our own English alphabet. They all have not only an alphabetical value, but an astrological value, and were linked to the eight directions and different cycles in nature.

Traditionally there were two ways to read runes. The first was that a person could manually pick out runes, much like readings performed with tarot cards. The second format was for the psychic to read the runes when they fell out of the bag. In this way, they could read the runes, regardless of if there was another person around to give a reading to. Just like there are different “spreads” or ways to arrange tarot for readings, there were multiple different spreads for runes, as well.

Your Rune Reading

This is, by no means, a traditional form of rune reading, but it is fun to try. This will also teach you about the meanings of the runes and practice with them. To start, think of a problem that you’re struggling with, or a question you have. Once you have your question, focus on it. Then look at the runes below and pick the one that stands out to you.

Rune Meanings:

FEHU: The symbology behind this rune is wealth and finances. So, it means you need to pay attention to your finances or focus on them. It could be that you’re going to come across some money, or that you’re about to make a career or job change.

Uruz: This rune represents power, strength and fertility. It often means that you’ll need the power and strength to take back control out of your life. It’s a good sign if you’re trying to start or grow your family. It’s also a helpful sign if you’re looking to start a new project, or relationship.

Thursiaz: The meaning behind this rune is struggle and hardship. You’re unfortunately going to go through a bit of a rough patch. It can also mean that you need to meditate or do some soul searching in order to grow and move on.

Ansuz: This rune represents “Divine breathe”. Your intuitive powers are likely very strong right now. The rune could indicate that you’re undergoing a spiritual awakening. Sometimes it also means that you’ll take on the role of a healer, or that you’ll consult a shaman.

Raidho: This rune represents journeys or cycles. This could mean that you’re currently going through a cycle in your life that is quite important. Or, you could be about to embark on a trip, which will likely bring you some sort of enlightenment. This rune also offers protection and good luck while you’re on your trip.

Kaunaz: The words associated with this rune are creativity, wisdom and inspiration. If you have a problem in your life right now, you have the necessary traits to solve it creatively. It does, however, indicate that you may need to take a step back and look at the problem a different way. You may also need to break a habit or let go of the past to solve it. So, keep an open mind.

Gebo: This rune indicates a gift. Some unexpected good luck or fortune will come your way. This rune is considered to be a good omen, especially for romance, fertility and relationships. It’s considered to be the luckiest rune, and it indicates some sort of generosity from the Universe. It’s important to remember to be generous in kind, once you do receive your gift.

Wunju: This rune represents the achievement of your goals, and happiness. It notably means that you’ve worked hard, and that it may be time to stand aside and relax now. And, it also means that you might complete a goal.

Hagalaz: This rune represents storms. It means that changes to your life are coming. Most likely, you’re stuck in a rut, repeating actions that aren’t doing you any good. You’ll need to break bad habits and cut some toxic people off before the dust settles and the storm dies down.

Naudiz: This rune indicates an unfulfilled desire. There’s something that you want, which you haven’t had the confidence to get. It indicates that it’s now time for you to regain your confidence and fulfill your desires. It can also mean that you’ve gone through a rough patch, but that it’s about to get better.

Isa: Isa means “ice”. It represents the fact that you need to freeze and reflect on your life, problems you’re having, and do some soul searching. Things are at a stand-still for you right now, and that you need to be patient so they’ll start moving again and get better. It also indicates that you probably need to meditate, exercise and spend some time in nature because you have some energy blocks.

Jara: This rune is the embodiment of cycles. You’re most likely about to start a new cycle in your life. And, you’ll probably need to cut some toxic people, things or habits from your life in order to fully benefit from the new cycle. It’s considered a good omen, and a sign of fertility and growth.

Eihwaz: This rune means that you need to confront your fears in order to take control of your life and make it better. It also indicates the type of life-changing transformation that can help you find your purpose. While it does indicate struggle, there will be a calm after the storm.

Perthu: This is the rune that represents magic. The indication is that you have powerful magical abilities, and have the ability to change the outcome of your situation, if you so choose. Simply tell the Universe what it is that you need, sit back and watch it happen. It’s also an omen for developing and enhancing psychic powers.

Algiz: This rune means that you’re being offered divine protection and guidance. Whatever your question was, the Universe is ready to help. All you need do is open yourself to receive the guidance you need. It can also indicate that you need to do some personal growth, focusing on both your physical and mental health and well-being.

Sowulo: This means “Sun”. It’s a very good omen, and it indicates that you’ll receive a positive outcome. You’ll notice that you feel healthier, stronger and luckier. Things are falling into place for you. Lots of positive energy is moving around you, so be sure that you use it wisely. This rune is also a good omen that indicates good health and positive career changes.

Teiwaz: This is the representation of discipline and duty. You’ll need to start paying attention to details, carefully looking at things from all angles before proceeding. Don’t make decisions hastily or impulsively. This rune also indicates that you’ll need some healing and rest, which makes sense if you’re working hard to be disciplined.

Berkana: This indicates both healing and a fresh start. Whatever has happened to you, it’s behind you, leaving you free to move on. Use this time to build your strength up and heal from your past traumas.

Ehwaz: This rune represents movement. Rather than standing still and stagnating, you’ll be taking steps forward. It’s also a good time for you to take this opportunity to start speaking your truth.

Mannaz: This translates to mean “man”. It indicates trouble with family, friends, or your community. When you get this rune, it means that it’s time to re-evaluate your relationships and decide whether or not they benefit you. While it does indicate trouble with family and friends, it also represents supportive family members and friends. So, it’s a good idea to ask them for guidance about those toxic relationships.

Laguz: This represents not only emotions, but the subconscious mind. Thoughts and emotions are bubbling up to the surface, and you likely don’t know where they’re coming from. You’ll need to start paying attention to them, using your intuition to guide you and find out why you feel the way you feel. It may take some work to release emotions that are hidden so far down that you don’t recognize them, let alone know where to find them.

Ingwaz: This is a representation of work and productivity. This is a good for all aspects of you career. It’s a good omen that can indicate things like a promotion, a raise, or just some general success. So, take the next step in your career, whether that is making a bold move, or asking for a raise.

Dagaz: This means “day”. It points to activity, happiness, and satisfaction. You’re having good luck, you’re in a good place and your energy is magnetic. Now is a good time to seize opportunities and take the lead. Also, it indicates a positive outcome regarding your question.

Othala: This rune represents the strengthening of family bonds. It could mean that some sort of family relationship needs work or healing. It could also mean that your family is growing, either through children or marriage. It may also indicate an inheritance in the form of money, land, or other property.